Game Breaking Error "Unity 2019.4.37f1_019e31cfdb15"

Kieran Flood
Level 1
9 months ago

I've been playing for about 17+ hours with friends, but I seem to be the only one who gets the error. It closes down the game in full and when you reload after the error occurring mid fight, the cells display shows as if it's for a floor above. Has anyone come across this or know of a fix?

9 months ago

Same exact problem here. It also happens when playing single player campaigns, and not always reaches the Unity window, most of the times PC just crashes.
Still trying to find a fix.

9 months ago

Do you use a second monitor by any chance?

Kieran Flood
Level 1
9 months ago

Yeah I do. I'll run Solasta on Fullscreen and have discord on the second.

5 months ago

I'm having the exact same issue.  Sometimes I can play for an hour before it crashes,  other times I have to restart my computer every 15 minutes.  So frustrating. 

4 months ago

Hello! Sorry to hear you are having such troubles.

Usually, when a unity error occurs, it means the last update did not patch correctly and some files are corrupted. 

In order to investigate this issue more thoroughly, could you provide us some additional information please ? 

- The platform you are playing on 

- The version you are using (Displayed on the top right of the main menu)

- Could you please send us your Player Log at ?

You can find this file in C:\Users\...\AppData\LocalLow\Tactical Adventures\Solasta

(To be safe, you can send us your "Logs" folder if there is anything as well as the Player.txt and Player-prev.txt)

After that, there are a few steps that I would recommend to try out to restore your files : 

These steps are more addressed to user that can not start the game at all but I hope it can help you as well if your files are indeed corrupted. 

Thank you for your time!

3 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.