Galar Goldentongue at VERY start of Lost Valley adventure, weird scripting in the 2nd conversation

6 months ago

The adventure starts with the party standing in front of a General Store named Galar Goldentongue. 

Party's first quest is to talk to the woman standing next to him (Lady Fairblade). In the conversation with her, the following strange exchange happened:

1) One of my characters asked Lady F "Do you need equipment? Master Galar has everything you need."

2) Later in the conversation, Lady F says, "We heard that Ving was here recently, buying food rations from master Goldentongue."

I had my character ask "Who is he?" (I hadn't paid attention to the General Store's actual name)

Lady F said, "I'm not at liberty to say more. My apologies."

Admittedly I was silly asking who Goldentongue was, but why on Earth did Lady F refuse to say who he was? He was standing a few feet away (with his name clearly not a secret). This seems very weird.