Further class customisation

1 month ago (edited)

On watching the videos i heard a good deal about customizing classes and having complementary classes. Which sounds exciting, but I was wondering if there will be options to have further customizing such as multiple of one or more classes or have sub classes,  during my time with D&D I found it very fun to have mono class parties.  They often build to or find alternative solutions  to problems the party can face adding more fun and creativity  over simply picking a class that resolves it.

1 month ago

PLEASE Solasta take the opportunity to make a group of 6 members and not only 4 - that will be so great and in the D&D spirit whit 6 members in a party 

1 month ago (edited)

Hey there folks!

Remember that classes all have archetypes. We're still discussing as to adding limitations (or not) during Character Creation for those who might want to make a mono-class party like you're suggesting, we have to make sure it doesn't break the game (for instance if some areas can only be unlocked with magic and you have no spellcaster...) 

@Julius: We understand that you would prefer 6 members, but the game has been designed with 4 characters in mind. This is one of these decisions where there is no right or wrong answer, some people prefer 4 and some 6 (some even ask for 8). 

1 month ago

I like 3-4 character parties best. Right after 2-4 character co-op. ,-)

But please don't design the campaign so that some particular class is absolutely mandatory to have to progress. I will very likely first go for the classic Fighter / Cleric / Rogue / Wizard party with 4 characters but I wouldn't want to be punished for trying something different later like "no spellcasters" for challenge.

If there's a magical barrier to get through, the party can ask a Wizard NPC to deal with it if the party has no mage, perhaps for a price. Please offer other solutions for those situations rather than forcing the party to cover every skill and spell.

Class -specific quests are cool though. Gives a game better replayability value if you can't see and do everything in every playthrough.

1 month ago

Honestly, I find the Fighter/Cleric/Rogue/Wizard party a bit boring. I often like something more unusual, like Paladin/Monk/Bard/Druid. In 5e, you can usually pick up a Thieves' Tools proficiency through a background (the one proficiency every party absolutely needs), and still cover a lot of roles with a different configuration.

Assuming there are more classes, and you need some specific combinations (or at least certain skills), you'll need to make that clear during party creation.  Actually, I probably wouldn't require a specific class, so much as requirements that you will need someone trained in Arcana, you will need someone proficient with Thieves' Tools, you will need someone capable of casting Arcane spells.

1 month ago

Hey guys,

We've had this discussion. We don't want to force players to have a certain kind of party, though it might become very tough to balance the game if you crate four fighters, for instance.

We'll probably warn the player about disbalanced parties, but so far we don't plan on forbidding anything, and the main story should be playable to the end with any kind of party.