Food ran out, cannot long rest

Level 10
3 months ago (edited)

I was on my way to Bone Keep, which is a 11 day trip on normal travel speed. I wanted to buy 44 rations, but the vendor only had 10, so I wasn't sure if I could finish the trip. I could finish the trip thanks to finding food on the way, but the last long rest before Bone Keep could not be finished due to missing rations.

Now all my PCs have gained a level inside Bone Keep, but I cannot long rest there to level up, because I am missing two rations. This is clearly ridiculous, I am out of spell slots and cannot risk looking for food inside the castle, I also cannot return to Caer Cyflen (since I don't have enough travel provisions), and I cannot continue with the quest either, since my PCs are injured and out of slots. Since I cannot imagine that this was intended, I can only assume it is a game-breaking bug.

So here are a few suggestions for fixing this:

1. Give the vendor unlimited rations. They only cost 1 GP each, I can think of no logical reason why a shop specializing in equipping adventurers should only have 10 rations.

2. Make food rations a guaranteed drop from slain enemies and in containers. You CAN find food while traveling, but this relies on luck, you can go several long rests without finding anything.

3. Allow PCs to hunt animals or forage for food in the wilderness with a guaranteed chance of creating rations. 

I literally cannot continue playing at this point and I am terribly frustrated that this has not been addressed yet, despite several patches into EA.

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Level 1
3 months ago

The meat could drop off animals and skill of survival could convert to ration if successful.