Fog of War option

Level 9
2 months ago (edited)

From the patch note:

Note that unlike on tabletop, you will still be able to target creatures that are heavily obscured. Technically speaking you shouldn't be able to click on enemies in the darkness, but we found that it made the game very frustrating as the player could see the monsters even though the character wouldn't be able to see them, so they were unable to interact with them. And that made any non-darkvision ancestries even weaker compared to before - you wouldn't even attack with disadvantage, you would just not attack at all.

while I reading this, I imagined. 

'What if we really do this like tabletop? What if there is the FoW option in Solasta, available to turn on/off? What if there is an option that prohibits aim/target the enemy obscured by FoW?' 

Some players want to enjoy easy and simple games. But some players want to challenge and endure the pain while playing tactical games. I'm the sort of player who enjoys challenges. 

So, this is how I'm thinking. How about implementing FoW, at least during combat, just like XCOM style? 

Original XCOM and typical RTS games use the FoW with a style of dark cover/blanket. Remake XCOM 1/2 use the gray-fog style FoW, which really resembles the real fog. Either way, I was thinking this would make the game really interesting, but very challenging. After the FoW is implemented, because of FoW you won't be able to target any things behind your sight, and you won't be able to target anything hiding inside the smoke. Now the importance of recon, stealth, and light will be significantly important, to a degree of life and death of party member. Dark Vision has a limited range and cannot see behind the full covers, so dark vision would not give you an overwhelming advantage over non-darkvision races. 

This option will work really great with the map with many objects and covers. Of course, the game will be very tactical, yet very challenging. This will be a great option for any players who wish to fight tough combats.