Flying out the volcano

1 week ago

In the fight with Arrok, I used the boots of flying and now am unable to leave the volcano after as it does not allow you to fly over spaces that other characters can jump

Level 10
1 week ago

While under the effects of a Levitate spell (which is what the Boots of Levitation do, not Fly), there’ll be a little control on your bar to move up or down. Just move down to ground, then click on the little blue spinny circle thing on your character portrait that the UI uses to indicate the character is concentrating on a spell, and that’ll stop you concentrating on Levitate and you can move freely again.

Level 9
1 week ago (edited)

Same problem except one character took a potion of flight.  There is no concentration with the potion of flight so there's no way to end it.

The character was stuck and unable to move out of the room because the game is bugged and will not let flying characters fly over the lava.

So #bugged.

Level 1
2 days ago

Definitely a bug -- flying characters can't crawl either. I had to just take a short rest to let Fly expire. I'm guessing that you can't short rest while escaping the volcano.