Fly and Spider Climb Needs to Work on More Terrain Types

2 months ago

Flying is cool.  Being unable to fly over a broken bridge that my 8 str mage can jump over, is not.  For example, on the caravan map, right before reaching Coparann, there is a broken bridge with one square between the two sides.  Anyone can jump over that square, but if your character is flying, that character cannot cross.  There are also several areas that you can jump across but cannot fly over.  

This is immersion breaking.  While I understand that being able to fly over any terrain may make any jumping "puzzles" obsolete, the solution should be to redesign the puzzle rather than awkwardly limiting the fly spell. (And, honestly, shooting a pillar to make it fall or having to cast jump on your fighter for the umpteenth time is not a fun "puzzle," it's a nuisance.)  The current Fly spell is confusing because it is not clear which tiles are accessible via the spell, and it's downright frustrating when you are prevented from accessing an area that you would otherwise be able to without the spell.  

Spider Climb suffers the same problem.  For example, in the ancient library, there is a chest in a room where the floor has given way.  The chest can be accessed by shooting a pillar down and walking across.  However, the walls in the room are wholly intact, but a character with Spider Climb cannot walk on those walls to reach the chest.  Again, these artificial limitations are immersion breaking.

If such travel needs to be prevented, there should be a plausible reasons for the limitation.  Maybe the room has an anti-magic field, maybe the walls are covered in sheer ice, maybe the walls are crumbling and the weight of one's body causes it to fall apart, maybe the room is covered in webs that makes flying impossible.   

Love the idea, but the execution needs some polish.

Level 10
2 months ago

I think the current restrictions on flying and misty stepping is an unintended side-effect of them trying to fix monsters pushing players into instant-death pits/falls. But yes, it is immersion breaking and largely invalidates said spells.

Hopefully they manage to get them to work fully and avoid a lot of unfun "save or die" situations. 

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1 month ago

These spells are a bit glitchy, to be sure.  In the Library, I had to play around with Levitate a number of times to get to certain boxes, and in another area I had to play with Fly to get to another one.  Fly would not let me fly over a certain area no matter what I did.  Even though it looked like I should be able to just fly right to the spot, the game made my character go around the entire building, enter in a different way, and then fly to the spot I wanted to go to.

To add to this, my Ranger just jumped to the same spot through the way I wanted my mage halfling to fly.  So it wasn't that it was a terrain that was completely off limits.  The game just didn't want to let me use Fly to make the jump for my halfling.