Flanking. Please add.

4 months ago

As a tactical focused game I am surprised this is not there.  I know the DMG has some optional rules for it, and that the game is limited to the SRD.

So homebrew a flanking rule.  The DMG flanking position are already wacky for flanking a large monster so do something more sensible.  Giving ADV on flanking is too powerful as well...  Consider something less like a +2 to hit when flanking, and maybe only +1 if the attacker is also currently flanked.

This is an easy one to do without copyright infringement (do something different then the DMG says).  As a tactical focused game you need this.

Level 4
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4 months ago (edited)

Personally I really dislike the flanking rules in tabletop and I'm not sure I would like in Solasta to be honest :/

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Level 5
4 months ago

If you have enemies nearby you roll disadvantage which is kinda flanking?Maybe a +advantage to attack if you have two or more of your characters next to same enemy?

3 months ago

I do like flanking in PFK turn-based, but I must admit I don't miss it in this game.  If it's in the 5e rules then it would be nice to have it, if it's not in the rules, then I don't think the devs should just invent it.

Level 1
3 months ago

its an optional rule from 5e DMG, Tactical Adventures don't have the full rights to D&D, just the SRD, which doesn't cover the DMG afaik. So they could add something like it, but in theory cant add the same rule I guess.

Level 4
1 month ago

I agree that flanking (in some form) should be added.  Of course, using the basic D&D rule of Advantage/Disadvantage makes the most sense.  However, if that isn't allowed due to 5e SRD(c) then using the older "Flanking Grants +2 to hit" rule (from 3.5, PF, etc.) would be fine with me.  

Positioning the party, including things like Flanking, is very important to me for a good d20 based Tactical Combat System.  The fact that it's not a basic part of 5e seems odd to me (but I know WOTC originally stripped down 5e to make it "easier").

Level 10
1 month ago

+1. I love flanking, it makes melee rogues a lot more team-oriented. The rules shouldn't be an issue here, they gave us the Eldritch Knight subclass under a different name (Spellblade), so I'm sure they can change things up slightly.

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1 month ago

I've said this in other places, but you cannot copyright game mechanics. The concept of a "flanking bonus" is not subject to copyright, only the actual text of the DMG conveying the rule is. I mean, give this two seconds of thought - there are only so many ways to give bonuses in 5e, so if you could copyright the specific mechanics there would be constant inadvertent infringement through sheer happenstance. TA could not copy the text of the DMG verbatim, but could absolute create a rule like "Clever Positioning" that gives advantage when an enemy is flanked.

I am not a lawyer, this is not legal advice. Consult an attorney before proceeding.

With that said, I actually think a flanking bonus giving advantage would make the game too easy. Advantage is a VERY LARGE advantage in 5e, and at 5th level I'm already able to start facerolling some parts of encounters.

IMO, there's already a flanking bonus in the game - the Rogue's sneak attack. My rogue is one of my critical on-the-ground damage-dealers, and I absolutely do tactical flanking to get that sneak attack damage.