Flaming Sphere not offering upcasting

Level 3
3 weeks ago

Flaming Sphere in 5e has a scaling option to do +1d6 damage per trigger when using a higher level slot. In Solasta it is listed as one of the "War List" spells that Shock Arcanist automatically treats as one level higher than the slot used. But in the current EA (January patch, 0.4.21) it doesn't offer the option to cast it with a higher level slot at all, and casting it in a 2nd level slot as a Shock Arcanist doesn't produce any extra damage. I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere else so I wasn't sure if this is a known bug, an unknown bug, or just something that hasn't been implemented yet.

(As an aside, is the inability to use higher level slots for lower level spells that don't scale an intentional "ruling"? Normally in 5e you should be able to use any slot of level X or higher to cast a spell of level X, regardless of whether doing so provides any extra benefit, but the game doesn't allow this --- which creates an awkward situation where, say, you might decide to use a 2nd level magic missile when you don't really need the extra damage, so that you don't run out of slots for Shield, say)