First minor suggestion

Level 5
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4 months ago

I will be popping in a few of these before i create a large tracked list:

First is small i bought a scroll of magic missile in the first town as i did not take it on my mage as i know i would find a scroll early.  I wanted to prepare it on my way to the fort but did not check the check box to reprepare my spells.  I think it would be better to be able to go to the spells section of our chars and state what we want our default prepared spells to be so we do not have to do a camp intervene during travel.

Level 12
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4 months ago

Maybe a warning about Preparing spells for each Long Rest.  It is an issue in many similar games. 

@Relampago : I suggest you give your posts explicit titles, that mentions the topic. Like "Default Prepared spells after Long Rest".

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