First Impressions

Level 4
Weaponsmith (Bronze)
4 months ago

Sucked right in. Loved seeing my characters, which I've been brainstorming over since I found out about Solasta, interact with each other. I really enjoyed Pathfinder, but this game is actually honoring my own characters, not just expecting me to navigate theirs. It means a tremendous amount to me. I feel like I'm a DM and a group of players all at once. That's an incredible dynamic experience to successfully do. There are some small bugs here and there and UI elements I think can be improved (Ill compile a list at some point), but honestly this was everything I had hoped for. Thank you!

“The parry is wrong." - Drizzt Do'Urden” ― R.A. Salvatore

John Allen
Level 3
4 months ago

Same. 2.5 hours in so far, and I gotta say, loving it. The dice UI has much more feedback than BG3, feels more satisfying. Loved the detials of character creation. The way the entire party chimes in during scenes, and seems to be doing so in part to how I based their backgrounds and flags, is SO satisfying.
Like, ok I know the graphics are "rough" (early access still, so there's that), but the look just...feels wholesome lol. Loving the large text for dialogue as well.  This game just....feels good. It feels nice. Totally digging it. Well worth the early access price thus far.