Finished new playthrough (0.4.14b)

2 months ago

Didn't run into any screen problems for the first time. What a game changer that alone was! 3440x1440 Ultra and no hiccups moving between inventory and game! Seeing as it was the latest version which was put out to fix that I'm guessing someone at NVIDIA found a solution for the infinity engine. I think I've had 3 updates to my drivers since I last played.

I got lost for a few weeks in the Dungeon of Naheulbuk (Which was a great change of pace and diversion from the news of the world btw) and came back for a new playthrough and was happily surprised by the progress. As mentioned before, the improvements technical playability, but the game is coming along great. 

Notice a few bugs, (Character got stuck in a cell in the Dark Castle courtyard, could not get that chest in the library with flying, jumping, strength potions, nuthin).

Thoughts/whines: I tried several variations of killing the monsters in the Wizards Tower Courtyard prior to opening the door. If there would have been some way of knowing there is no combination of log/short rests that allowed for them all not to attack at once (excluding the Vipers) it would have been less painfulI.  I thought if I killed them in their lairs prior to attempting to open the door they would not be an issue. In fact I thought that was the point.

Oh and going back to the Dark Tower there's a chest on the map, as well as a formatted patch of land behind the dudes shack that neither flying or misty step allowed access to) annoying;.

Overall the story dialogue seems a bit.. wanting. Character development/lack-of-depth is sometimes painful. Very  much appreciated getting rid of the cut scenes with the stores, and I'm guessing the caravan will have more good/vendors at some point? If not it's a waste of staging.

I'm super caught up in what I can craft next. That piece makes for good game play, but it hurt to be cut off just after getting good recopies/ingredients! as I kept primed gear/oils back in the chest in Caer4 Cyflen.

I too still experienced the bug with the Antiquarians where returning Angbi's bones was the only dialogue and I could no longer access their wares. I'm looking forward to when I can fully game out the faction relationships/wares.

I don't recall having such great looking armor my first couple playthroughs - but it's possible with all my crashes I didn't notice the 'magnificent' inventory previously. I'm also guessing dwarven outpost/town (Can't recall the name) is going to feel a bit more alive down the road. Note. I was able to misty step into the keep before I was supposed to which from an immersion perspective was a negative to walk through prior to that part of the storyline.

If I win the lottery I'll fund a few writers and some folks to juice up the cut scenes lol. For a small shop you folks are rocking it!!! The bringing to life of tabletop goal is very much working. I like the game better than BG3 which I also went through their latest update.. I just don't like any of the characters and it's the same storyline as DOS if you ask me.

I've tried to keep up with the modding discussion on discord which I'm actually very interested in but I have a job that pays my bills and they expect me to work ;)

One last thing as long as you have limited license Putting a bit more description into the spells/scrolls would be helpful.