Finished my run of EA Pros and cons

Level 3
3 months ago

Overall I find the system has a lot of potential and is one of the most promising RPGs games i played in the last 10 years  wasn't this happy with the potential since Knights of the chalice (or battle brothers if you consider it an RPG)

I wanted to give long feedback on things I liked and Disliked in several areas:

Encounters design:
I was in general happy with the encounter design, it wasn't amazing, but it didn't feel repetitive, which is the number 1 complaint i have with modern RPGS like pathfinder or pillars, and why i couldn't finish them. I hope the game keeps this relatively low amount of encounters but varied. At some point in the Necro tower felt like it was going into too much of the same, but it never got really boring. That was great and hope it doesn't get bad in full game.

I really loved the whole ration system, it made me want to conserve my resources in fights and very excited to find new rations. I think there should be more emphasis on that in the game even.
Prolly my favorite part of the experience.

I don't know if its real but so far the game tricked me into thinking that rolling well in discussions is relevant. That's great. I hope actually you get more rewards for Good checks in convos than just solving everything with fighting.

Plz give me options to greatly accelerate animations. I don't find it immersive i find it highly annoying.

It seems prebuffing is a thing, and I always hate that in RPG. Why make me spend time casting spells and give me advantage for knowing the game?
I think there should be very few prebuffs allowable (like mage armor) and be automatic.

Time is irrelevant?:
So far there seems to be a thing about time, except is really irrelevant. you have the clock, the days, but it's all irrelevant, why have time when it has no impact in the game?. I really wish all quests where timed etc or at least give me a reason to care for time. Otherwise a lot of components of he game because pretty much irrelevant and superflous.
I know not exactly an RPG but games like Battle brothers did manage things like that in a great way.

Connected to the previous point is Traveling. It takes a lot of days but is mostly irrelevant, is just a "cutscene", you can infinitely travel back and forth. Why so make it it takes some kind of immersion element? Whatever it is , its annoying. Make traveling to be costly be in time or resources and thus exciting, not just some slow boring cutscene.
It seems there is an attempt of making an interesting system with the rations and sleeping time and whatnot, but in practice is just all fluff.
In fact what happend to me is i run out of rations in the Keep, and i could try to push but instead i decided to travel all the way back to main city without food, which was no problem , rest, buy more rations and then TRAVEL ALL THE WAY Back to the keep.
It was really dumb.
I assume its gonna become even more nonsensical once you do that just to craft all you want. time and traveling should have more weight.

I liked more the spell systems where you get 1 of each spell. That forces players to use different strategies in fights.
The fact that you can use for the same slot the same spell everytime means hat once you find working tactics you just repeat the same tactic again and again, which is what I did, this is a lot of wasted potential imo. This goes for all kind of powers and skills really.

One of the things I dislike less in RPGS is managing inventories and Solasta is no exception. Extremely annoying have to loot through lots of crap. You should only find gold, rations and magic items pretty much. Immersion be damned, is not fun. I've stopped playing RPGS just on the basis of inventory management and I feel solasta is gonna push some limits there.
Is very hard for me to point out all my problems with it as it requires a full post.

Dungeon design:
I really dislike all the Messy , maze like dungeon. The whole part where you step on signs to get teleported to another room to who knows what. I find the whole section Pure annoyance. What's the point? its not even like you make decision on things, you just click stuff fro 20 minutes seeing things happening. A total disrespect of my time as a player. I want to see almost none of it on full release, hopefully.

I find the whole lightning system boring and obtuse, but i know there is a lot of weight and emphasis put on it on a marketing pov, and ultimately I don't care, It just doesn't do anything for me.

Caution mode:
Why shouldn't i be in caution mode 100% of the time? Is there a reason this mode exist and is not the default one?

Instant deaths:
I'm very happy that i didn't found any instant deaths, nothing pisses me off more than instant deaths in RPGS, hope this doesn't change ever.

Level 3
3 months ago

Something I forgot to add
The rule on wilderness random encounters seem to be a waste. Instead of reducing them you want as much as them as possible, because you get full rest after it.
Random encounteres should "tire you" and require an extr full rest to recover. That way avoiding them and conserving resources is part of the game.
Right now optimally you wuold want as many of them as possible to max XP.
But sadly they are just time wasters in real life since they are too easy, not a risk, just bad old grind.