Finished First Playthrough of EA Content - Full Bug Report

2 months ago

Just finished my first playthrough of what's available in early access and decided to compile a full list of things I encountered. I didn't see any of these under Known Issues but I totally could have just missed them. Hopefully this is helpful because this game is pretty great thus far.

Quality of Life

Stack splitting for item management not implemented anywhere I could find

Minor Bugs

Characters occasionally respond to themselves in conversation - happened most frequently with a Island Halfling Rogue with the Caution (Reinforced), Pragmatism (Reinforced), and Casual tags.

Could not cast Knock on the Eastern chest in Caer Lem. Thieves' Tools attempts functioned normally.

Could not re-enter the main building in Caer Lem upon revisiting after completing the main quest - the door is not traversable. Unclear if this is intentional.

Quest marker for "Return to Council" after first flashback scene (the crownbearer passing out) was set outside Gravekeep's Cask, not at council chamber door.

Many objects that are not doors such as gravestones read "Click to open/close this door." Presumably placeholder text.

Mage Armor appears to fall off during transition scenes (between map loads or through cutscenes) despite lasting 8 hours.

Basic Poison tooltip says that it heals like a Potion of Healing (same dice quantity, same text).

Disadvantage warning appeared for "Ranged attack with enemy nearby" despite no enemies within 6 whole tiles. This was during the Aksha fight, but outside of the areas of Darkness.

Known Issues listed unusual enemy movement, but the Aksha fight was something else. The enemies had a tendency to stand still in the Darkness and do nothing unless a PC came close, at which point they would leave the Darkness and attack. As a result, my fight was 40 rounds long as I chucked ranged attacks with disadvantage at them from above until they eventually died.

Should Not Be Displayed feat was listed among available feats while levelling up at 4. It's only text was "Prerequisite: DEX 10."

Cutscene discussing acquiring the gem of necromancy while inspecting the main door of the Bone Keep triggered after the gem was already acquired.

Bonus damage from Bracers of Archery read "Feedback/&AdditionalDamageBracers Of ArcheryLine" instead of a number. Text displayed green above archer instead of red above enemy - firing from above, also had sneak attack and predator damage that displayed fine.

Serious Bugs

Finishing combat against the spiders in the Tower of Magic triggered the battle finish cutscene in the Crown Room. The door to the Crown Room had been opened with the orb/rune puzzle but not entered prior. Attempting to leave triggered the entrance cutscene, but the quest couldn't be completed since the Soraks were already marked as dead but had to be killed to progress. Reloading a save before the spider fight fixed this.

Game crashed while camera was attempting to refocus on party after following Turned ghouls on the other side of the map. Didn't see an error code, just the usual Windows "program has stopped responding."

2 months ago

As far as stack-splitting, one can hold down Ctrl and Left click to do so, unless I'm mistaken.

Level 4
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2 months ago

Yea, stack splitting is ctrl rather than shift as the tutorial mentions.

- Loswaith