Feedback report 01

3 months ago (edited)


What a great game, even if a little rough around the edges, and aligns well with my gaming preferences and schedule. Can't wait to see what the modding collective will be able to produce, as the possibilities seem to be limitless from full campaigns to simple arena-style skirmish scenarios.

As the development and my progress in the game advances I'll try to post my feedback and comments which hopefully some of which the team will find helpful.


  1. Load screen and conversation screen dice roll messages fade out automatically. Sometimes not enough time to read the message, or the tip message or just look at the art on the loading screen. Make it stay until a key is pressed
  2. The interface is elegant and functional, however it uses too much space (especially at the bottom portion of the screen), and somewhat lacks the character of a fantasy game. Hopefully it will be refined and styled more, or at least opened for modding like in NWN2
  3. Would love to have an option to see individual rolls one by one, like a turn-based mode for the dice roll – first the attack roll, then the saving roll by opponent, then the action on the screen. I’m not a D&D expert and often it’s difficult to see how and why a character’s action succeeds or fails


  1. remove peaceable objects (e.g. barrels) and trees from the map view
  2. increase zoom out distance on the map view
  3. make the map view remember its zoom level setting (zoomed all the way in right now when opened)
  4. Display North marker on the map
  5. display map tab on the Journal view - for easy navigation between the map and the Log, Factions, etc. instead of having to close the map before opening the journal
  6. hide stashes, especially undiscovered/unopened stashes, from the map (for immersion). Maybe even characters markers with whom haven't spoken/came in contact with
  7. allow left mouse button drag+drop to move map


  1. When comparing a weapon in the inventory with an equipped weapon, comparison pop-up window always shows a weapon in primary hand in the first weapon set, even if the second weapon set is activated on the character
  2. Wen swapping weapons in the inventory, the removed weapon drops back into the backpack instead of into the mouse cursor, which makes quick swapping to see what changed uncomfortable
  3. Make having to hold Alt key for additional information on items optional, or give an option to remap the key e.g. to a mouse button
  4. If holding Alt over the item in container then clicking to move it into the backpack, the container slot is now empty but the pop-up description for that item is still shown over the empty slot.
  5. Even if Alt press over items is present, the flavor text (i.e. item description) should not be displayed as an alt text but be visible immediately. This would add to immersion.
  6. Just a cosmetic improvement, but would love to see a character 3d model holding a two-handed weapon with both hands, the magic users having less of a "warrior" posture, and a quiver equipped on the back of a character weilding a ranged weapon.
  7. When opening books to read play a paper shuffle sound (for immersion)

Journal and Conversations:

  1. Conversations list should remember its last position when navigating between screens, right now it scrolls all the way to the bottom


  1. Equipped crossbow model has a wrong angle and clips through the character 3d model
  2. Imperial Gate Plaque shows "TDC Illustration" when read
  3. Tutorial and books miss some words or spaces after "the".
  4. The word "memory" I presume, is missing on one tutorial screen about spell casting, i.e. "cast from their." (end of sentence).
  5. Focus Orb is displayed as a different type item on the character model when equipped
  6. Rogue character unable to pickpocket even with sleight of hand proficiency (only worked in the tutorial mission)