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6 months ago

Hi all!

Sorry if some of those have already been told in the past, I don't have much time right now but I want to write down feedback before it fleets away from my mind, yet again...

1/ Game

- SHORT REST should be automatically awarded when you get ambushed after at least one hour of long resting. That's entirely RAW and RAI.

- Travelling should offer a chance to force-skip a long rest (how often did I see group taking a long rest just 2 hours away from a safe destination in which I planned to spend a day? That's a literal waste of time, and time should matter in the game, narratively AND mechanically. Bringing the next point.

- I'm not far yet in campaign but it doesn't seem there are many, if any, time constraints no either main or side quests. It's a bit sad imo. Having time pressure on main quests help giving a sense of urgency and helping balance the rest management. Getting time pressure on side quests give more weight to each choice since you end up needing to choose. 

If you devs don't like it too much, best compromise would be to give scaling rewards or at least extra rewards if quest is succeeded ASAP whenever it makes sense. 

- Rangers SHOULD START WITH A FOCUS OF SORT, or AT LEAST HAVE A WARNING WHEN GETTING LEVEL 2. Considering you get level 2 immediately (snice people skip tutorial after the first time) it's just a trap for newcomers.

- When characters have proficiencies + recipes + enough materials available, and player(s) click on start travelling / resting without having anything started, a warning should be displayed (with option to dismiss permanently).

2/ Character editor.

We really, REALLY would like having a) way to edit character (at least the background and prepared spells) and/or b) option to "fork" a character.

3/ UI: in action bar, submenus wrapping up options because of spacing problem should have either ALL or NONE. Example with Monk, there is no reason why Flurry of Blows would be "alone" and everything else wrapped up, especially when you already used up your action so the related bar has been hidden.

"Lighting equipment" slot should NOT automatically "pick" a weapon when you switch from a slot that had a weapon in main-hand.

The same item should be "slottable" in different "wielding configuration". There is no reason why I should have two shields in inventory just to simulate the fact I'd sheathe or draw my main weapon, there is no reason why I should stop being able to use my nice magic weapon in dual-wield just because I want a one-handed setup for occasional spellcasting.

Goodberries should be eatable "by stack" outside of combat (well, in my opinion it should also be possible in combat since technically berries are food components so there is no reason why you couldn't gulp down several at once, but I get the game balance concerns for emergency healing in combat).


Also, a few minor wishes

- Getting filters for character management, and/or way to add tags, whichever is simplest.

- When hovering an item which a character cannot use, tooptip indicating which other character in party may use, or which proficiency is missing.

- Being able to give an item to ally as free interaction (not sure whether that would be or not exceedingly complex).

That's all I could think of so far.

Do not that I absolutely love the game and have heaps of fun with it so far, I just think some of those changes would push it even further on the top-notch side. :) Thanks for reading.

Level 14
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6 months ago (edited)

Rangers do not need a spell focus to cast spells in 5e.  I read this in Tasha's Cauldron (not a revision, but a clarification they make when describing Druidic Warrior).  BUT they will need material components if they do not have a spell focus, so in a sense you are correct and it is probably a good suggestion.

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5 months ago (edited)

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Level 6
5 months ago

Rangers do not need a spell focus to cast spells in 5e.  I read this in Tasha's Cauldron (not a revision, but a clarification they make when describing Druidic Warrior).  BUT they will need material components if they do not have a spell focus, so in a sense you are correct and it is probably a good suggestion.

Yeah, I said "spell focus" because I was in a haste, but spell components's pouch is probably more fitting a Ranger. :)

Level 6
5 months ago (edited)

A few other things people may or not weigh in...

1/ Give choice of weapon for main attacks when dual-wielding (or being a Monk)

I'm probably not the only one mixing up damage types in weapons so I can avoid being resisted against or take advantage of vulnerability. IMO if someone is dual-wielding, it means he's equally good with both hands so he should not suffer the notion of "main" and "off-hand" weapon: main is always the first used each round as far as determining if dual-weapon fighting is triggered, period.

Similarly when you're wielding a ranged weapon like Dart in main hand and a pure melee weapon in other hand because you usually make ranged attacks but then an enemy closes in and you want to switch to melee.

FInally as a Monk you always have legs, head, knees and elbows for Unarmed so even if you technically have both hands with weapons you should have Unarmed as an option for main attack (because you killed a "regular" enemy and now want to tackle a bludgeoning-vulnerable one, or you have non-magic weapons in hand and facing a physical-resistant enemy, or you're currently wielding a bow but prefer going straight up for full melee this round).

=> Simplest way would be to show off icons for every kind of attack available, but it would clutter UI. 

=> Best way is probably the same as "Use Power" with submenu for choosing weapon to use if the one presented by default is not fitting player desire, or alternatively add a mini-ui close to weapons set so player can click on chosen "weapon" for next attacks.

2/ Make Fog Cloud upcastable

I mean, seriously, that's one of the great benefits of Fog Cloud over Darkness, and I understand why you didn't make the latter castable on an object (because it would be too difficult to bring all shenanigans pertaining "holding / throwing" an object I guess).

Since technically you probably already have ways to specify range on spells considering the vast array of variants, I think it should not be that hard to make area size "level-dependant variable" right?

Level 3
5 months ago

One I think needs done (for console) is that when not looking at characters or inventory, we can just press right/left on D-Pad to cycle through characters.  However, when in the stats or inventory, the only way I've found is to LT to open the character wheel, then point to the character you wish to change to... however, this is problematic.  It doesn't always swap to that character, so have to do it over and over until it does.  So, could we change the character wheel in the character screens to something like LT or RT cycles through the characters?  Or, maybe D-Pad cycles, but have to use the sticks to move around within the screen?  Just something more dependable and exact.

Also, just something I'd like to see, but only because it sort of makes sense imo... If you upgrade a character's proficiency with armor or weapon during character creation, there should be an option to upgrade their starting equipment.  I mean, what good does it do to choose sellsword background, but be stuck with cloth because that's what your class had available... but, you're not going to put a high focus on DEX, since you plan on wearing better armor that caps out with a far lower score.  

Same with weapons.  If you choose a race or whatever that gives you better weapon profs, then should have the option to choose better.  Like, if you pick Sylvan Elf... should be a way to upgrade the pesky Lt Crossbow to a Short Bow at the least, or maybe the Long Bow, even.  If you pick a Half-Orc Battle Cleric... should be the option to start with a Great Axe or something better than the options the cleric starts with.  At least the option for a Battleax?