Feedback from early access playing.

6 months ago (edited)

Couple points came up to my mind:

  1. Primary / secondary item equipping
    1. Allow one and the same item be equipped in multiple slots. For example I'd like to equip primary slots with a spear and a shield and secondary with a longsword and a shield.
    2. How about making the current light source slots to thirdiary slots? Perhaps only allow light or ranged weapon(s) to be equipped if not used for a torch or the like. Something along those lines anyway. (I feel a rogue might, like to top up with 6xdaggers for example ;) )
  2. Quick change for equipment layouts
    1. The characters have different "in town apparel" accessible for them. Perhaps giving an separate equipment slot for them and quick button to change for adveturing gear to civil gear. Don't know if there is already plans or not at all, but how about having the gear character is wearing have some affect on social encounters as well?
  3. Character creation
    1. Have option to assign main hand on character creation. I know, I know, it doesn't or shouldn't make any mechanical difference but the flavour tho. Or even ambidextrous, again no mechanical benefits.
    2. Enable HP setting manually (with or without incame roll). Perhaps the RAW, one roll for hp, or maybe less disappointing variation of allowing one re-roll if 1st roll as only +1 hp.

That's it for now, let's see if there'll be more later. Feeling impressive already! Keep it up, please.