Feedback from completed game. (Spoilers)

Level 8
2 years ago

** Spoilers Warning **

Note:  I absolutely love Solsata, it does so many things so very well. I’m excited to see where the dev team takes the game from here and super excited to see what the community does with the Dungeon Maker.  The comments here are only in the interest of constructive feedback and bug fixing.  The list of things I love about this game is far longer than these few issues.  I honestly had no major bugs or crashes.  All quests and side quests were completed without any issues.

Game was completed on Authentic difficulty with Deadlier AI, Merciless AI, Full Spellcasting rules and true random dice also turned on.  

  1. The final battle was very easy.  There was a Sorak with Legendary actions but if that was the final boss he died real quick.  After that it was just a few waves of standard Soraks.  I feel like something might have been missing.  Final boss should be more epic.
  2. Temporary companions like Daliat and Arwin show swords in the action window but actually do have ranged attacks although there is no way to really know unless you happen to try to attack something from range.  They have no weapon swap icons like party members do.  They are however not able to ready a ranged attack even though they are able to use a ranged weapon.
  3. The sell value of items seems low.  I know you can improve your standing with merchants but even so items listed at a value of 800 sell for like 150 even at Living Legend status.
  4. When traveling on the world map, random encounters almost always result in the party being surprised or asleep.  The encounters are never difficult so it’s not a big deal but there is no way to see the roll results so I think it needs to be checked or explained better.
  5. No primed longswords for sale and the primed longbow is in a different tab from all the other primed weapons.  Also no crafting recipes for longbows that I found.  
  6. Spider boots / cloak allow walking up walls but not trees to reach spiders.
  7. Cutscene with the Conjuration magister (Green Dragon) has green circles under the party.  Looks bad.
  8. Trapped walkways in Caer Lem fall to the ground whether you succeed or fail the disarm check.  I don’t see any difference in succeeding or failing.  
  9. Missing Piece quest says to go to the mansion near the Circle HQ but it’s actually near the Tower of Knowledge faction merchant.  It was a little confusing, had to run all around town until I found the trigger for the cutscene.