Level 2
1 month ago


I did 3 EA playthroughs and I love the game! 

These are some observations, opinions and bugs for 0.4.21.


Please make GUI scalable. It is simply too big and non immersive for 1920x1080.

Also it could be of even darker color - since atmosphere is pretty dark in dungeons. GUI is much more bright.


Cautious (group or single selected)

Weapon switch (Alt+1, Alt+2, Alt+3)

Switching between party member while in Inventory and Shopping would be nice (1,2,3,4). One has to use mouse now.

When traveling on map, would be nice if Space key (pause) would work as Pause/Interrupt travel.


When party members are slightly or very apart and then one Selects all, camera starts to shift instead of removing still. Very dizzy feeling. Would be nice as an option to stop camera "averaging" position.

In "Focus camera on Battle actions" sometimes showing hits from monster perspective is very very weird (hard to see). In my opinion showing monster get hit from Player perspective is the best (like following arrow) instead from monster perspective.


Can you please make it so that auto casting Light (not as spell but in weapon selection, 4th option in GUI) puts Light on backpack. Seems the best/prettiest option. Light hovers near above shoulder/head. Now it puts it on weapon instead.


Too much rations when traveling with ranger and Goodberries spell especially. I get encumbered all the time (especially the ranger with Survival skill). Affects battles negatively while ambushed in traveling.

Music gets twice as loud while traveling when rest/post-rest window is shown (if selected in traveling options).


Changing weapons from ranged to melee (without full action penalty) a bit trivializes encounters in my opinion. Monsters get much more hits before coming into melee.

I feel like super availability of strength potions a bit trivializes proper Ability scores selection and level progression. Even the belt (20 strength) from faction shop is so easily accesible at level 3.

I hardly wait for difficulty setting in next version!


In-game fight log shows that my char got hit with scimitar while monster actually carries greatsword (skeletons-shortsword, Adam Twelwth also says shortsword but carries two handed one). Seen in traveling fights and in dungeons.

In-game fight log say "is dead, is no longer dead, is dead" all the time.

It happened twice that in Dark tower cellars two of my chars just fell from wall and got killed when auto pathing from one corner of basement to another corner.

Sometimes there is a very long pause before displaying bottom GUI for next char in fights.

Sometimes wrong char is shown when in fight. It shows same one as last, forgets to update the char info on the left (spell selection does change though).

Puting poison potion on my ranger's shortbow put poison on my next char wizard (which was near in combat) - remote cantrip Chill hand spell had poison added to damage (didn't test with other cantrips).

While shooting crossbow bolts it seems I get to recover only arrows from bodies after battle is finished (and not bolts). Javelins seem to work properly.

Ghasts (undead) tounge attack (attacked while travelling) had no sound and was very slow.

In Dark tower (first level of cellar, beginning) I couldn't light some candles with cantrip, the rest of map is ok.

I experienced once that Guidance spell (cleric) would end in 1s repeatedly (instead 1min). Save/reload solved the issue.

I will post bug twice in Bugs section also.

Keep up the good work!