[Feedback] Completed EA and ..

Level 2
6 months ago

First off - fantastic game so far guys. Really feels like both 5e and a classic D&D cRPG. Wish I had known about the KS campaign! Really looking forward to end product.
Here are some things I noticed in in my playthrough(s).


In the Arcane Library, after killing the spiders just outside the optional loot area I was weirdly teleported down to the bottom with some dead lizardmen and got the cutscene saying someone needed to cut one's head off. After I tried to leave it then gave me the cutscene with my guys looking to ambush the lizardmen and they spawned in and I was able to complete the area.

At the Dark Castle I entered via the catacombs (near the Antiquities ghost) and then entered the castle through the grate. Due to this the quest did not progress. Going back outside to the courtyard I was able retrace my steps to trigger as far as "confront the master" but since I had already resolved that encounter I am stuck ...

Looting - had a few times where I would click on loot but it would actually select something from my inventory instead. Mostly in Dark Castle when I had a fairly full inventory

(I think this one is known) Questline with Scavengers won't progress

Questline with Antiquities ghost can't be completed (even after you have all 3 bones)


Why do characters with darkvision get disadvantage in "dim light"? 

Faction vendors - would be great to get like a flag or something next to them to quickly and easily match each one with their respective group (as shown on items and also the faction tab). Also seems to be no vendor for Principality of Magnus? (may have got name wrong - going from memory) the main faction with the princess etc.


The term "validate" is often used on UI buttons but "confirm" would be more appropriate

After you cast "Goodberry" when you select one the 2 options "Eat" and "Feed" are labelled the wrong way around so "Eat" means you offer a berry to another PC and vice versa

When trading with a vendor the text for finalising the transaction is "Conclude". I would recommend something like "Finalise" or "Accept". Conclude has a "quit without accepting" connotation.


Being a long time fan of dark elves across all lores on each planet in D&D - would be great to see them included as an elven sub-race

Is multi-classing on the roadmap?