Feedback: Caer Lem Quest Resolution

4 months ago

After finishing Caer Lem, I had a pile of poison spines. Cool! I'm sure they'll do something at some point.

In the ensuing dialogue before the Council, I kept wanting a dialogue option that involved saying "but wait, I do have evidence that they're real - look at these spines!"

This was a moment that felt extremely railroady. I understand that for your plot, the Council needs to disbelieve and send us on a quest to obtain a head - but this dialogue exchange and the party's inability to bring up a point that by all rights should come up really created a profound rift between action and consequence in the game. I honestly found it extremely frustrating that my characters just wouldn't go there.

This is sort of a theme with the dialogue, and you've already received loads of dialogue feedback, I know. So consider this an opportunity to adopt a new paradigm - a character with sufficient Persuasion should be able to make some kind of point that links a dialogue option to previous actions, even if the overall story still proceeds in the same direction.

So in this specific case, it would be fantastic if a character could attempt to Persuade the Council using the poison spines as evidence. They will be told it's not enough evidence, but a successful check could get them favor with a faction, or perhaps start a side quest or something like that. Or even just a little XP nudge. Something tying skills, actions, and dialogue together in a way that rewards players for the choices they made at character creation and during the game.