Feedback & Bugs from Spring Update (spoilers)

Level 6
4 weeks ago

Absolutely love the game.  Just wanted to share my feedback and notes from my Spring Update playthrough.  Hopefully some of these items can be addressed in the final release.  Thank you for making an amazing game!

  1. Spiritual Hammer can occupy the same space as player or enemy in combat.  Is that supposed to be allowed?
  2. Sometimes items are automatically equipped when passed between player inventories.  This is frustrating as my character who fights with a one handed weapon keeps automatically equipping weapons and shields to the secondary hand that I don't want.
  3. It would be really nice to add option to attune magic items on Long rest.  Many times I am taking short rest just to attune items even after I have just had a long rest.  
  4. Paladins really need some more verbal only spells.  There are several threads about Paladins not being able to cast somatic spells with a shield under full spellcasting options.  This is not a big problem in tabletop because PHB adds many verbal only spells to Paladin spell list but there is only 1 verbal only spell in Solasta Paladin spell list so if you use a shield, spellcasting is basically disabled.  I know you do not have rights to PHB spells but I would love to see some homebrew spells added like you did with Sparkle.
  5. Wands can not be equipped in the hand slot.  I understand a wand is an activated item but being forced to put it in the utility spot means you can't have a potion or scroll there and it really doesn't make sense that you cant hold a wand in your hand.
  6. Arcane Recovery always recovers the highest spell slot you have available instead of letting you choose what level spell slot you want to recover.  Sometimes I want to recover a level 2 spell slot for Misty Step or a specific spell I need but AR won't allow that.  
  7. Arcaneum seems to have just about every primed weapon and armor you might want for sale but no primed long swords.  Is there a reason for that?  I didn't find a primed long sword from loot until late in the EA when I didn't want to craft it anymore because I had already found better weapons.
  8. Arcaneum store has primed long bow listed in the ingredients tab.
  9. Solving the first Moonstone puzzle without inspecting the stone first opens the door and starts the conversation with the Elf girl but the quest still says to inspect the stone.  At this point you can inspect the stone and the quest will move to the next step which says "solve the puzzle" but you can not solve it a second time so you can not progress the quest.
  10. Ranger Favored Enemy should include Humanoid options as these make up a large majority of the foes in the game (Soraks, Goblins, Orcs, Humans).
  11. Some of the Coparaan Guards in the dungeon are using crossbows but in the combat log it says "Coparaan Guard attacks with battle axe."
  12. Conversation with Bitterroot causes two player characters to stand on the same spot during the conversation.
  13. You can only see the details of crafted magical items if you have all of the ingredients.  A recipe should allow you to see the details of the item so you can decide if you want to spend money on buying the ingredients or not.    
  14. During conversation with the dragon the players have green circles under them which doesn't look good during the conversation.
  15. Magisters Amulet side quest is buggy.  I had to exit and re-enter the area to get the fourth rune circle to appear.  Then in the fight with the air elementals, two of them just stay in place without ever moving or attacking.  

Level 3
4 weeks ago

Just a comment on #1 there: By tabletop rules, this behaviour is correct. Spiritual Weapon is a magical effect (not a creature or an object), and it does not occupy its space. If it did occupy its space, the spell would say so (like in Bigby's Hand).

To add to your list though, while we're on the subject of occupying spaces, I think this has already been mentioned in a thread a long time ago but it's still the case in the Spring update so I wanted to mention it again: If a creature goes unconscious, it seems other creatures are able to stand on the unconscious creature's square. An unconscious creature is still a creature and, by tabletop rules, creatures cannot occupy another creature's space, unless that creature is two sizes larger or smaller.

Level 9
3 weeks ago (edited)

I have completed all the quests with a party without my beloved paladin and battle cleric, to avoid the aura issue. Only one drop of this time, when there is some water in the countryside.

My party has reached level 7, only.

I tested a party with twice the same background, aristocrat. I played this quest only once....

From loot, I had only 2 potion recipes and 4 scrolls recipes for 18 poisons (most of them 2-3 times) and 26 craftable. I'd like the loot be much more balanced.

Craftable : I had about 17 items (from loot) that can be crafted but only 10 stones, 3 of them bought at the Antiquarians...Once again, more balance between these resources, and for a more powerful craft. I waited level 5 to craft some items that are, in the end, about +1 ones. I could have bought similar or even better.

I haven't seen primed longsword for at least the last 3 or 4 scenarios played since Spring update.

I regret the disappearance of the undead in the neighbourhood of the Tower of magic during main quest. It was quite funny, before spring update. Hope to see them in the final release.

Spells : the price of a pearl to cast Identify is 99gp while identification is only 50...Is that normal?

As bug, the Dwarven plate can't be seen worn on the character.

Anyway, I really love this game.

Level 9
3 weeks ago (edited)

I obtained a primed longsword in one chest in the surroundings of the Tower of magic!!!

Once again my party hasn't reached level 8 (missing about 1000XP). It is still walking between the locations in the hope of having huge encounters and they are crafting every usable recipes.

Level 10
3 weeks ago

I agree on the balance between normal crafting recipes and poisons. Note that the Tower of Knowledge representative (gnome not too far from the main market stalls) sells lots of crafting recipes. Better yet, you can grind rep with her just by saying you came to see her each time you are in town - no sales of items needed. Slow but inevitable if you are patient.

3 days ago

Also some poisons are supposed to be for arrows or bolts but if i craft them they are melee poisons. For example the ghoul poison for arrows.

On one of my characters after a while wearing the full plate after a council cutscene her hair started to clip through the helmet. It doesn't stop. I gave her another armor so she doesn't look stupid.

13 and 15 of first post was also my experience.

If my wizard scribes a spell to his spellbook he doesn't get any progress on his crafting task.

Some spell scrolls show the wrong name or have the wrong effect.

3 days ago

the dragon asked me to go after the vampire and kill him and free his prisoners. But i have no quest for that and i couldn't find the vampire again. Also i don't know what prisoners the dragon was talking about.