Feedback, bug report and suggestions

5 months ago

In a first place, wow. Just wow. This is a great game, and will probably be one of the best of the next years. You guys did a great, amazing job. I'm a "old" player (40 yr old ), who was expecting a lot from Baldur's Gate III, and as i was watching let's plays, i was like ... meh ... Huge regrets. Then i found your game. I still don't understand why i did not heard about it before, it's really amazing ! Your game game me the same happyness i experimented when i discovered Baldur's gate II, nd then Neverwinter Nights. I regret I could not be part of your bakers. I never pre-order games, as i've been fooled some times, but your baby is just perfect.

Concerning bugs.
Of course, it's a "preview", and i never went mad because of bugs. This said, these are the one i experimented :
- You can't cancel your special actions if you choose it but changed your mind ( as disengage )
- Issue concerning stacked items identification, as for great health pots.
- During the last chapter, movment issues. Sometimes the characters can't be moved, and you have to check an inventory before being able to move again
- Craft system do not consume ingredients
- If you sell a special book to Gorim ( giving reputation to a faction ) you can buy it back as many times as you want.
- In the room full of bookshefts, there is a chest that can't be reached with the ladder next to it.
- In the same room, there is another place with a chest the a great gap prevents characters from reaching it. You can't jump ( too far ), jump spell does not help there, and spider spell can't be used to walk against the walls too.
- In the last chapter, there is a court and on the left side a basket against a wall. The character should be able to reach it, but my character decided for unknown reasons to climb the wall ( the basket was on the ground ), jump on another construction and jump on the ground, in the middle of another group of monsters.
- In the court again, there was many mobs. One on the right was really out of range, and when i killed the last mob on the ground the battle stopped despite there was a mob left. The zombie ran to me, and another round of battle began, against a single zombie. I think he is still crying.
- When you want to pick up some loot, you grab another item from your inventory instead the one inside the pouch.I needed to scroll down my inventory, and when i can see an empty space, picking the loot works again.
- I don't know if it's normal ( i'm not familar with dungeaon 5 ruleset ), as a Mage I can cast Magic Missiles, then use my inventory and cast another Magic Missile thank to a scroll. My mage became a walking gateling. She was a High Elf, and being that powerfull made her really unbearablely arrogant. I mean, more than High Elves use to be.
- Prepaired spell change by themselves when a lvl up occurs. For exemple, i never wanted the Blindness spell from the priest list, therefore it was automaticaly selected for each lvl up.

Features that would be welcome :
- During Transactions, being able to add items for sell from several characters before selling, and not having to select after each one.
- During Transaction, being able to move items from a character to another, and even read books.
- During Transaction, have a single button "identify everything" to identify every unidentified items from every characters at once
- Please don't automatically start battles if ennemies did not saw characters : sending a rogue adhead to figure what to be prepaired against became useless because of that, sadly
- Being able to visit some point of interrest discovered during journeys
- More heads, hairs, bears, armours and weapons models
- Have a reaction from other party members when one of them is saying he'll give them as blood pouches to the vampire
- Get more people roaming in the city
- Sort items in inventory by name, weight or type
- Make new items in inventory more remarquable
- Having a "component bag" to make inventory more readable
- Special background on item icons depending on pre-enchanted que high quality status

Level 3
1 month ago

Love this game have played for hours upon hours. Recently after the spring patch I have encountered a floating mouse. I played probably about 4 hours and when I got back to town my mouse began to float. Almost like a lag. As soon as I saved and got back to main menu it worked fine. I'm thinking some sort of memory leak I did shut down the graphics a bit to medium although my machine shouldn't concern that. Also I didn't have this issue before the patch. Other then no other issues. Except dwarves suck big time when made as a fighter. Couldn't hit a semi truck parked beside them or the barn on the other side of them. I raised the strength to 18 and dexterity to 18 just to test it before the spring patch and they don't hit nothing except maybe every 5th turn or more. My elf warrior/fighter hits at least 2 out of 3 times and so does the human.

No other problems for me so far