Feedback and mishaps

Level 5
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5 months ago (edited)


First of all, and before I point out the few unsavory matters I have been met with : the game is great, the researched D&D like feeling is all there and it is really fun to play.

Since the studio is French, I figured I'd play the French version of the game. And the translation is not good. I will pinpoint a few specific mistakes in what follows, but all in all, the French sentences are sometimes clumsy, and there are several translation mistakes or approximations that makes it just... not good (Then again, I am aware that, as it is early acces it is possible the translations are not definitive and have yet to be reviewed).

Specific mistakes :-  there might be a faulty script, as in the tutorial about crafting, the second to last window of the tutorial is in English in the French version (and with two mistakes, "you need to now" instead of "you need to know" and the brackets are closed after "recipes", but never opened before.

 - The one handed sword and two handed sword are both named "épée à deux mains" in the French version.

Also, I appear to have encountered a random bug where my rolls where stuck for all my Dex checks, even if trying to save/reload, only closing the game and launching it again solved the issue. It happened twice (once with only 4, one with only 3) ont the map of the entrance of Caer Lem, both with the unlocking of the two chest, and with the desarming of the three traps. I was stuck on five times the same roll until I restarted the game. Could not say what triggered and I do not manage to purposefully trigger it. Since the restarting of the game solves it, I am confident it is not linked to the savefile. Maybe the game thinks it is a forced roll because a script is being executed out of turn.. Could not say for sure, clearly a random bug.

EDIT : the roll bug is happening again, at the tower of magic. This times, seems to stuck through reloads, lockpicking rolls stuck on 6 (the chest before entering the tower and the one shortly after entering, no matter ho many reloads, rolls are always 6. Should I send yu the savefile ? (And if so, to which @ ?)