feedback and a few possible bugs

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5 months ago (edited)

Liking the game quite a bit so far.  I've been trying it with less-than-optimal party (where, I guess, the expected thing is a cleric, a rogue, a fighter and a mage).  I currently have a ranger, a rogue, a mage and a paladin.  They are doing just fine without a 'main healer' so far (just got through the ashka fight).

Few things I noticed, in no particular order...

Random encounters on the road... are they never simply "we see each other"?  Seem like one side is always surprised.  I mean, at least once in a while, I'd expect my group and their enemies to just bump into each other.  

I've run into a few NPCs who's mouths don't move when they talk.  Joriel Foxeye was one.  I forget who the other was now (sorry).

In the fight with Ashka, once she got next to me, I was forever "next to an enemy", at least for the purposes of a ranged attack.  Even after she had teleported all the way across the room (and she was the only enemy left in the fight).  Made that fight a bit tough where every ranged attack after that was at disadvantage, even if I'd lit her up.

I wish the space bar wasn't configured to "pass" on a turn without a confirmation.  I've done that a few times by accident.  I looked for a way to reconfigure it, but I haven't found any.

[Edit: ah, forgot one... I was going to use some scrolls of magic missile from my caster, after I had used up all her spells in the ashka fight, and I put them in her quickslot space.  And then I could see no way to actually use them, since she is also the "crown" person, and so the crown forces its way into that space.  I suppose this could be intentional, maybe it's supposed to be that the crown is exerting influence and not allowing that character to use other items or something... but I'm guessing it's actually a bug.]

Okay, that's all I have for now.  Hope that helps.

5 months ago

Agreed, since last update there are many more bugs, only class that can cast revivify (inc scroll) is cleric, my cleric died in battle (one shot from 53 health by a goblin) game over. So guess we just have to run multiple clerics now?

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5 months ago

@banderal : my crown bearer is a Wizard. I right-click any scroll (of a spell he knows) in the inventory to cast it. 

There are other inventory interactions possible during combat. 

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5 months ago

Ah thanks @baraz.  I hadn't thought of that.  Silly me.

@redgiant - my Paladin was given a revivify scroll as starting gear, so I assumed he could cast it.  I haven't had to try yet though.  Also... er, slight spoiler I guess...

can't you use the crown itself to cast revivify?