Feedback after Winter Patch

Level 6
4 months ago (edited)

Absolutely love this game.  Here are my notes from my playthrough after the Winter Patch:

The Imperial Crown takes the quick inventory slot on the combat UI preventing you from having any scroll, potion or wand in your utility slot from being used without having to open inventory. Since the crown only casts Revivify it is not an ability you will use often. I would rather have my utility slot item on the main UI.

When the entire party is selected, the first character will make any skill attempts such as opening a lock.  It should use the character with the best skill.

It would be great to have a separate inventory tab that all ingredients go into when you pick them up to reduce inventory clutter.  Wizards start with a component pouch that doesn't have any function currently but wouldn't it be cool if you actually could store your ingredients in the component pouch?

Does this ruleset have any flanking bonus?  I don't know if flanking is in the rules or not, but I didn't see any attack bonus when flanking.

In the Dark Castle after clearing the skeletons in the courtyard (approaching from the mausoleum entrance not the front gate), a cutscene starts which respawns all the skeletons you just killed. The scene makes sense if you walk in the front gate but otherwise you are repeating the same fight you just won.  Same thing happens inside when you clear the zombies and dark apprentices then a dialogue starts and all the zombies and dark apprentices  are back again. 

Sparkle causes chandelier to fall.  I know this is intended to crush people underneath but I feel like the Sparkle spell should light it up.  Maybe only damage spells should make it fall.

When the entire group is selected and standing together, interacting with a container still only the first character can pick anything up, then has to give it to other characters.  Would be nice if items from containers could go directly to the character you want to have it.  Less clicks.

When you transfer an item to another character, that character auto equips it if they have an open slot for that item type.  Not sure if that is intended.  Seems odd.

Enemies can stand in the same cell with the cleric's spiritual hammer.

It would be great if the crafting screen showed what abilities enchanted items will have before you craft them and use up resources.  We are just guessing at what the item will do by it's name.

Potion of Frost Giant Strength says it grants strength 23 but only gave 20.

The map in Tirmarian ruins is glitchy.

Revivify never worked for me while in combat.  Tried scrolls and the crown.  Both said the character cast the spell but the dead character did not come back and countdown for using revivify continued.  It did work when I tried to revivify outside of combat.

Attune magic items should be an option during long rests too.  Seems silly to take a long rest to level up and then also have to immediately take a short rest to attune items.

Information in the Bestiary should include creature type (Plant, Undead, Beast, etc).  This would be helpful information for Rangers in deciding what Favored Enemy to select.

Combat needs a delay action option that moves you down in the initiative order in case you want another character to act first.

One wall torch in a small room with Brood of the dead on Wizard Tower can not be targeted with Sparkle (most of them do work).

Approaching the magical wall in the Wizard Tower, only the first character automatically rolls Arcana check  This happened to be my Paladin so he failed.  I should be able to use my Wizard for an Arcana check or at least have every character roll.

Maybe these spells are not fully implemented yet but many cases where only Misty Step gets you where you need to go when it seems like Fly, Spider Walk, and Jump should also work but they do not.  For example, in the library you should be able to fly to the chest or spider crawl along the walls but you can't.  

Just a few of the things I noticed in this playthrough that I really enjoyed....

Casting Sleep on flying creatures makes them fall to the ground and possibly die from falling damage.  Too funny.

I love having a dedicated light source weapon set which only changes your off hand but keeps your main hand weapon.

The entire UI is fantastic.  Main screen, combat, journal, bestiary, inventory, spell icons, tooltips... all of it.  It is so well organized, looks great and presents all needed information and options clearly.  I love it.

Sometimes when one of my characters misses on an attack, my Lowlife Ranger says "You suck"  I laugh every time.  

Level 4
4 months ago (edited)

Well said. Nailed what I was thinking and then some. Especially lighting the chandalier, been bugging me for a while.

 One additional: The Crown should grant a new ability, along with an additional charge with each gem. Effectively like the gems in the Marvel Universe. The necromancy gem gives revify. The lasts gem should offer some sort of mind power based on it coming from the dragon with a glowing stone on its head. Invisibility? I think it would add versatility to a lost slot of equipment. In the end: 8 gems, 8 abilities and 8 charges to allow you to use them as you see fit.

For your consideration.

Level 3
4 months ago

Sometimes when one of my characters misses on an attack, my Lowlife Ranger says "You suck"  I laugh every time.  

My female dwarf cleric keeps complimenting the athletic strong paladin every time he proves his physical prowess with an impressive act of strength, like a very long jump or an arduous climb. At first I took it just as harmless fun between adventurers, but it's getting creepy. I think they might be up to something, and I don't really want to know what happens when I close the game.

Level 9
4 months ago

lucky, i gave the crown to my thief with fast hands so i'm doubly screwed, i thought "hey hobbits have shown a resilience to magic items so i will give it to her"

yellow flower of courage