Feedback after the spring update.

Level 1
2 weeks ago (edited)

First things first: A great game! I waited longtime for a game - well it´s not finished, but it is already convincing - which sets me again in this state of amazement like Dragon Age Origins did. I have no further bigger problems, which I had at first play just after the winter update. There are some bugs or better to say faults, but these are minor and don´t deserve to be called problems. 

In some books/discriptions  there are grammatic faults in the german translation or textparts are missing f.i. when you change from page 2 to page 3.

There are some way options/chests not reachable. F.i. Mage tower Library, opposite side to the entrance. Or a chest on a lower platform. In the Sor-Akkath caves beyond Caer Lem, right side of the turn bridge two barrels, enemy loot on a platform, and before entering the old library, to the left is an opening which you can´t cross.

But there is of course the possibility that there is another way to get to these way options further in the game !?!

One little prob is that the turnbridge didn´t turn back after the last visit. Perhaps because I couldn´t retrieve the requested object and left on the wrong side of the caves. When I leave I am just at the map entrance to Caer Lem. So there should be a poss. entrance to enter again.

I noticed some glitches in Caer Lem after it is freed. In stealth-mode the whole group walks over invisible planks or climbs invisible ladders. At the second visit in normal mode these parts were visible.

At least with Daliat was his second weapon slot not to see. So I sent him always in the infight, by acc. I saw a ranged weapon cursor and could use it.

In some animations Berdens axe is not visible only its glowing when I used his ability in combat.

So far no really great problems. Some suggestions I have still: Stinking cloud is described as "... deals damage to all...", but not how much. Tanya the cleric can only cast spells when she lays down f.i. her shield. That puts her in a disadvantage, and in our D&D rounds it was poss. to cast spells fully equipped. But that could also be a house rule. But what I´d really suggest to change is a thing that also at DA: Origins brought problems with it. You have a situation where you could lay an ambush or put your fighters in strategic better positions, but than an animation starts and all preps were in vain. Don´t know how to deal with it. Perhaps only the Char. with the highest charisma talks, while the rest could lay hidden?

So far my experiences and as I said no really probs. I am now at lev 8, I think I have done all side quests so far. And I am waiting for more. The map maker is nice but concentrate on the main game. And hopefully it goes on and on and on. I could stick to a game like that and would need any others. Good luck and keep on going.

Level 9
1 week ago

I had no problem with loot. There are only few obstacles to move to get access. The latest I got was a chest in the Ruined tower because a Fly spell was necessary.