Feedback after my go at the tutorial in EA (twice)

4 months ago

Hi guys,

first of all: Congratulations on delivering such a mature product to Early Access, I've seen far worse.

The good bits:

  1. Voice acting on the dialogues is top notch. I already like my chars' personalities. Given the fact that I could choose an all-female/all-male party, there must have been a lot of voice recording!
  2. The design of the map (M) is beautiful
  3. 5e rules are captured very well. I couldn't try all classes and high-level spells yet, but so far the game mechanics reflect the tabletop version perfectly.

Some mistakes:

  1. Tutorial: Main Spells in character creation is missing a word in 2nd paragraph
  2. Tutorial: Crawling gives the wrong mouse button to rotate the map
  3. Tooltips for ladders/vines show "examine object", should show "climb/descent"
  4. Tavern dialogue option "We need a room" shows no price, just subtracts 10GP


  1. Button or Keyboard shortcut to re-north the map and radar. It would help with orientation
  2. Option to minimize the character pane on the bottom left while exploring would increase immersion
  3. Button "Validate" should be labeled "Confirm"

I will expand on this thread once I get a few more hours in. Keep up the good work. I am already having a lot of fun in Solasta!!!