Feedback after EA playthrough

Level 1
4 months ago (edited)

Really enjoyed the combat and exploration, which seem to be the main focus of the game. And love the look of the environment, both outside and inside the dungeons.

I wrote down some feedback and possible bugs I encountered during my EA playthrough, hope they help in any way. Looking forward to the full release!


In the first fight against Sorr-Akkath Ambusher. It was hard to target the Ambusher once he climbed up the walls to the second level. The camera had issues zooming out/high enough, not clipping through the wall he was attached to, or losing the proper angle once I moved the camera the slightest bit.

Since the graphics and animation of the character are a bit rough around the edges, I would have preferred it if the camera stayed in the bird’s eye perspective during most (if not all) the dialogues. Most cut scenes did nothing for my emersion and the game is so much prettier in a zoomed-out view.


One overarching thing that bothered me was the handholding and spoiling of my exploration by the UI and quest log at certain stages of the game:

  • An option to disable the direction marker on the mini map that leads you to the next quest goal would be nice.
  • Quest log example: upon entering the ruined tower, it immediately told me to search for clue 1,2,3,4. Okay, looks like there are clues to be found in this dungeon I haven’t yet stepped a foot into. Now I know what to expect but the mystery and anticipation is broken. -> Why not let me discover a clue first, before making this quest appear.
  • A Pop up that a library waypoint has been discovered, before I even entered the library or knew that a library was up ahead.
  • Havin chests marked on the map, spoiled some of the exploration fun for me. No feeling of achievement to having discovered a secret/hidden area.
  • Especially when entering the castle: pressing tab highlights chests, doors and interactables in rooms far away and not yet discovered or entered, ruining a big part of the exploration.


Why would we mention by our own volition that we found the crown to the council when playing a greedy or evil party? Especially since the crown barer is against it and immediately says to the council they are not willing to sell it. Some strong external reason might feel more plausible. Like, if we don’t mention the crown ourselves, one of the council members feels the presence of a mighty magical artefact in our possession and demands to know what it is.

Having loading screens between the battle vision at the breach ruined the tension for me.

The travel trivia encounters are a nice way to make the world come alive and provides atmosphere and lore, but currently the prompts are very repetitive.

No Information gathering, briefing, or even a throwaway line as to where the gem we look for might be. Instead the possible location just appears on the travel map.

When entering the dark castle map for the first time, maybe have the crown bearer mention that they feel that something powerful is nearby or that they have an intuition that this might be the right place. As is, there is nothing apart from the travel location tooltip that gives a reason why we are here and how we know to search this place.

Game Mechanics:

Channel Divinity: Hard to gauge the range of the different aoe channel divinities, as the ability is used instantly upon clicking the ability. It was also hard to see which enemy was turned if there are multiple enemies of the same type. Maybe a small, persistent visual effect on the model could make that easier to keep track of.

Is there a possibility to wear a shield + torch as a cleric?

Is there a reason why spiritual weapon is an action?

It feels odd that we cannot see the hit and dmg roll of spiritual weapon.

Wand of magic missile does not recharge during long rests.

The spell effect for channel divinity: magic weapon is underwhelming and there is no buff indicator or persistent visual effect. and I don’t see my paladin receiving the to hit bonus on her attack rolls (does it even work? bug?)

Levelling up resets prepared spells of cleric

Chill effect did not last a round but was instantly removed: Against master Mandrache, I cast chill touch and he got the chill condition. Then, it was his turn, the chill condition went away, he cast vampiric touch and used it to heal himself.

Darkweaver. Spider on the wall: Unclear exactly what it does better than second story work. Initially had assumed that it gives you something like spider climb, allowing you to move and stick to walls like the Sorr-Akkath Ambusher. Up to lvl 5 I do not see the point in the subclass as it is.

Lay on hands recharges on a short rest, is that intendet ?


City: The city looks beautiful but lifeless and deserted. Any amount of random townsfolk or crowds might instantly bring the city life.

Ruined tower: When approaching the ruined tower worker camp during daylight, stealth feels like I am invisible to people. I could walk through the camp couple of feet away, directly in view of the workers in daylight. I don’t have a possible solution for this, just feels very weird and unrealistic.

During that section, I also didn’t see the advantage of stealthing through or close to the camp. Maybe I missed something, but given the prior dialogue, I expected there to be some payoff in scouting the camp and not just walking in/attacking.

Library is gorgeous and suffused by very bright, but you still have dim light disadvantage in most places. Just was very surprising to me.

Crown Room Sorr-Akkath encounter: I was sneaking ahead with my rogue to scout, which triggered the cutscene showing that the Sorr-Akkath are there (before I saw the myself). The cutscene implored me to stay hidden and take then by surprise. But the cutscene teleported the remaining unstealthed party into the room next to the rogue, instantly triggering combat once the cutscene had ended.

Once returned from the mage tower, Lord Carren is shown to be in the legacy council as well as the gravekeep’s cask but can only be found at the gravekeep’s cask.

A dedicated player stash for primed items, ingredients, etc. would be great.

The General Store for adventurers does not sell Javelins

Having a burning campfire during a daytime travel random encounter feels slightly off. As we have to leave the area and not return to the campfire after the battle.

Interacting with things is often wrongly labelled ‘open/close door’

Aksha just lets you loot her room if you managed to talk past her, even when not in stealth.

Come on Aksha, make them respect your property.

The staggering number of magical items we get in the castle feels a bit sudden and overwhelming and cheapens the reward.

No real incentives to talk your way past boss encounters, as you miss out on xp and combat is the most fun part in the game.

When walking through a door, the path is not interrupted even if the door closes while executing the move command (exploitable in castle maze).

Nice to have a screen shot of what save we load.

Errors :

Context: Cast bless from scroll and paused during cast animation and then changing character: error message:

[Error] Addressables.Release was called on an object that Addressables was not previously aware of.  Thus nothing is being released

After killing master Mandrache mid-fight and wanting to quick save, triggered a critical error message, I could continue playing but was unable to save or autosave from that point onwards.

Possible factor: he died in a corner and also dropped no loot.

[Exception] NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

Error Message 2

Level 1
2 months ago

Crown Room Sorr-Akkath encounter: I was sneaking ahead with my rogue to scout, which triggered the cutscene showing that the Sorr-Akkath are there (before I saw the myself). The cutscene implored me to stay hidden and take then by surprise. But the cutscene teleported the remaining unstealthed party into the room next to the rogue, instantly triggering combat once the cutscene had ended.

Adding something similar weird: My whole party was sneaking into Akshas room and the cutscene started - talking face to face with Aksha. But after a failed test, the battle starts and - not really plausible - my group stayed in stealth mode and got a surprise attack.