4 months ago (edited)

First of all: Loving the game. It's pretty much what was sold at the KS campaign. The mechanics are great with rooms to improvement.
I have some concerns for my first feedback and I write them taking in consideration it's EA and some may already be in the dev's attention.

1) I know it's EA and it shall be improved later on, but still need to say that the characters appearances are not good. There's not much to add for this, seem some threads about this already.

2) This is the one that annoyed me the most. The choice of making a group of four PC's instead of a one PC and companions is a bold one. I like it, honestly. But it requires a lot of attention to the characters personalities. In the classic way the companions have their personalities fixed/set (unless they have a character development, of course), so they will act accordingly to their personality for the whole game. That been said, when we create our character we should be able to have a personality determined, so they don't have weird conversation choices or unfitting lines. For example: During the first quest outside the city, when we reach the attacked fort, our group find survivors behind a door. My group is composed by all good characters and during the conversation they were discussing if they should help the survivors or leave them behind. One of my characters asked if they should help them fight the creatures or leave them and my paladin with kindness, authority, altruism and slang (this is a funny one) personality traits said something like "we should let them handle this and watch, it should be fun" (not the exact words, but i think this is pretty much what he said). That's not something a character with those traits would say. Later on, he said more fitting lines. That was one example, but I see their personalities changing a lot during the same conversation.

3) The fact that each character have a line choice during a conversation is pretty cool, but needs more polishing. I say this because there was a moment that I could persuade someone and only two choices were available, none of them was the character with persuasion. The system is more complex then it shows because needs a lot of balancing. If you create a party like mine which is composed by all good characters and similar personalities, the options would be quite like each other. 

4) We need a dice jail. My die are rigged and my character miss a lot. This is the most important ones, so please fix it. Top priority.

Honestly those two last points are the ones that caught my attention the most and I didn't see another thread about it. I think they would require a lot of work since it would need to create a good amount of premade personalities (with the specific lines, voice acting and all that). The last one was just a joke lol (A true one)

Hope it helps you guys and I'm at your disposal to talk more about this.
Cheers and keep up with the good job.