[February Vote] Choose your Monster!

Poll: Choose your Monster
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Level 1
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1 year ago

All would be nice :D

But my vote went to the Ettercap.

Level 2
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1 year ago

Hate poison, so no ettercap. Trolls are fun, but they're overdone imo. It came down to the Minotaur and the Ettin. I haven't seen a proper Minotaur in games in sometime, so that's my vote.

Level 3
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1 year ago (edited)

Solasta wants to implement vertical movement so that Ettercap thing might be the best option but it looks too much like a spider ...

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1 year ago

All of them!!! :-)

Seriously though, It's gotta be the Minotaur. My party of adventurers dungeon delving into its maze in search of an ancient treasure that it's guarding. What could be more exciting, or terrifying, than that! ;-)

1 year ago

I've never seen a decent Minotaur in a game. So here's my Chance.

Rocky Erickson flies my spaceship

1 year ago

I always liked minotaurs be cool to see them in the game. Whenever I play Legend of Grimrock 2 I always put a couple minotaurs in my party

Level 2
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1 year ago


Once more into the fray my old friend.

Simon Haldon
Level 6
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1 year ago

Minotaur all the way

1 year ago

Ettercaps are things of nightmares, so they definitely should be there.

Level 8
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1 year ago (edited)

There's a lot of love for minotaurs.
But in my opinion it is the least interesting among the 4 options.

What does a minotaur have to make fighting him any more interesting then fighting a generic spherical orc in vacuum?
The answer is nothing, but horns and gore attack. So he's just a one-trick pony.

The same thing can be said about trolls - without regeneration, they are not really different from any other "big-dumb-brute" kind of monsters.

Ettins. Well, pretty much the same as above.
Their advantage over minotaurs and trolls is multiattack and more interesting look.

All in all, for me there's only one choice - Ettercaps.
These badass humanoid spiders look ugly and menacing.
They can flourish both above and below ground, so there's no limits of where they could be encountered.
And their web mastery would allow them to create all kind of traps for adventurers.

Level 2
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1 year ago

I went with minotaur too

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1 year ago

Make Ettercaps Great Again!

1 year ago

SPIIIIDEEEERRR! #lovepoison 

1 year ago

Totally the 'Taur!