Feats (Fighter themed)

Level 9
6 months ago

The current feats are lacklustre at best. In general the sometimes amazing feats in core 5e struggle to compete with adding 2 to your prime attribute and that means these ones are not at all appealing. This will apply less to people who do not use 27 point buy as they will often start out (closer to) 20 in their attributes so the opportunity cost is far less, as everything but your prime attribute is worth less.

This especially applies to fighters who have no archetype with "active mundane options" and in standard 5e get feats to give them some. The two mundane fighters have mostly passive boosts. 

So here are a few attempts at suitable feats that might be picked instead of +2 STR. Note core lets you choose one of two or three attributes to boost for many feats while none of the Solasta ones do at the moment -I did not follow that. Having +1 to an attribute  makes them far more appealing of course being only half an ASI. In fact some of them are very like half a core feat with the 1 ASI added...

Berserker  +1 CON You may enter a berserk rage giving you advantage on your attacks and giving advantage to enemies who attack you  (like the Orks) 

Cleave +1 STR. After you drop an enemy you may make an attack with a melee weapon as a bonus action.

Prodigious Athlete +1 STR, DEX or CON. Climb like a thief (rogue archetype). Jump farther like the spell. 

Riposte +1 DEX or STR. After an enemy misses you with a melee attack and you are not using a shield use your reaction to attack them with a one handed weapon.

Combat Reflexes +1 DEX. You gain advantage on initiative checks. When you make an opportunity attack you do not use up your reaction. When you ready a melee attack you may attack everyone who enters your melee range. (Despite all that I am not sure it is worth having) 

Crusher+1 STR Your 2 handed melee weapon attacks ignore resistances. Once per rest you may make a smashing strike with a melee weapon that adds twice your proficiency bonus to damage.

Defensive Stance +1 DEX or CON. You may dodge as a bonus action. Use twice per rest.

(or Defensive Stance +1 DEX or CON. You may cast Blur twice per day) .

Two-weapon Flurry +1 DEX or STR. Make an additional off hand bonus attack. (Once per rest)

Combat Acrobat (Prereq; trained in Acrobatics) +1 DEX or STR. Double your proficiency bonus on Dex (acrobatics) checks. You may disengage as a bonus action.

Whirling Dervish (Prereq; Level 6) You may cast Haste targeting yourself only; use twice per long rest. 

Level 3
6 months ago

To piggyback with some unique feats that I feel fall within the spirit and bounds of traditional 5e feats:

  1. The ability for some versatile or 1 handed weapons to make a bonus action attack without dual wielding. Any simple non-finesse weapon could be used here, spear and quarterstaff are obvious choices, or you could just allow it with any versatile weapon if it didn't feel too strong? Maybe with a +1 to Str or Dex if you only allow the non-martial versatile weapons?

  2. Some way to get proficiency in Shields. Due to the lack of multiclassing I'd really like to see some way to get shield proficiency via feats. Maybe allow a bonus action bashing attack at 1d4+str when wielding a shield? +1 Str or Dex?

  3. +10 to damage, -5 to hit. Make it an option for any weapon melee or ranged currently being wielded with two hands. This lets the feat be used by all kinds of weapons, doesn't step on toes of shooting though cover from sylvan archer or great weapon bonus attacks.

  4. Triple Advantage. Some sort of feat that allow you to get triple advantage on attacks made with Dex, Chr, Int, or Wis, preferably not race-locked, but without an ASI bonus. If you wanted to keep the feat more limited perhaps you separate it into 4 feats and do one of each with an ASI for the associated attribute.

  5. Dual wielding non-light weapons. +1 to attack with each weapon seems to fit thematically with the aggressive nature of dual wielding. If that seems overtuned go with a +1 to Str or Dex instead.

  6. Great weapon bonus action attack on crit or kill and use a reaction to attack enemies when they enter your reach when wielding a twohanded Melee weapon. Simple powerful boost to the big stick types.

  7. Other ideas: Some sort of feat to get enemies triple disadvantage when attacking you if they have disadvantage? All kinds of fun with the light. Some way to use Charisma or Wisdom or Intelligence as your melee attack/damage stat[This would be really powerful so would need to be tuned accordingly, maybe each could give you some vulnerability as well, like vulnerably to some damage type (like necrotic, radiant, and force respectively) or disadvantage on the associated attribute saving throws or even both penalties].

Level 10
6 months ago (edited)

I agree with the post and reply. Solasta really needs to show more love for feats. Not only me, but I guess most players would pick stat over feats because feats are too bad at current EA status. WIsh to see more useful feats in the full version. 

Level 2
6 months ago

Agreed feats as is are weak, and some right now don't even work (Looking at you Powerful Cantrip).

Some Weapon Focus Feats would be cool, go old school 3.5.

Feats that let you knock prone with a attack action.

Spell Feats, +DC, Advantage with elements, Disadvantage to Saves with Elements.

Level 3
6 months ago

I also missed interesting features for my fighter. The offered Feats were so boring that I decided to take for the two attribute points.
Which was a real pity, because it is the features that give a character that certain something.

6 months ago

Feats doesn t work at all for me. Is it a known bug?