Feat: Raise Shield

1 week ago

I have noticed that it is possible to take this feat without shield proficiency, and therefore not be able to use it. This feat should either have shield proficiency as a prerequisite, or (my preferred option) grant shield proficiency.

Level 11
6 days ago

I'd prefer the latter option, since there is no feat that gives shield proficiency atm.

Typos happen. More so on the phone.

2 days ago

Me too, but I can see why they might be reluctant to do it, at least without prerequisites. A shield is better for a wizard than light armor, and the Solasta feats are pegged to a pretty meh level.

Level 10
2 days ago (edited)

I like the idea of the latter, but Wiz would become nasty(ier). 

Maybe allow the suggested "combined shield feat" (raise shield + shield acess) with a prereq of Heavy Armor or Ambidextrous?  

Make someone work for it, if they really wanted it.