Favorite Gameplay Mods (Non-Dungeon)

2 years ago

A place to list your favorite gameplay mods. As the title says, this is not meant to be for Dungeons, as there is already a healthy discussion about those.

Here's my current list:

Solast Mod API - This is a "helper" program that many other mods require to work. It does not actually modify Solasta by itself, it just provides re-usable bits of code for other mods. Also a great place to start if you are a modder.

Alternate Human - 2 floating ability points, 1 Skill, 1 feat, 1 language (Note that this is not in violation of WOTC's copyright - the official 5e variant does not allow you to allocate two bonus points to a single ability score, whereas this version does.)

Flexible Backgrounds - Allows you to select background skills and tool proficiencies.

Flexible Ancestries - Choose where to put racial ability modifiers.

Skip Tutorials - Skip most of the opening tavern scenes.

AlwaysAlt - Show full tooltips by default.

Solasta Custom Merchants - Adds items to Gorim, Summer and Hugo. Including primed weapons, recipes and ingredients. You can customize it to change any Merchant's inventory. This mod does not add any items that are not already in the game.

Level 14
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2 years ago (edited)

Most are features that I think we would like to see in the default game, namely the options for more flexible Backgrounds (i.e. skill choices as the class combinations are too uneven), option to skip Tutorial on the second playthrough, option to keep tooltips open.

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Level 5
1 year ago (edited)

My top 10:

1. Wizard- Master Manipulator

2. Flexible Ancestries

3. Level 1 Feat All Races 

4. Level 20

5. Fighter- Tactician

6. Rogue- Con Artist 

7. Wizard- Life Transmuter

8. Wizard- Arcane Fighter

9. Flexible Backgrounds

10. Feats- Savage Attacker - Tough - War Caster

Honorable mentions to The Unity Mod Manager and Solasta Mod API, without which none of the other mods would work.

Level 14
1 year ago (edited)

The unofficial hotfix takes care of a few items, most notably the 'can't use the Tome of Understanding' bug and the auto-equip BS.

1 year ago

Tactician fighter mod is bugged. It doesnt start wih 4 gambit die pull and en with 5 at lvl10.
My tactician has only 2 in gambit die pull till lvl10, at lvl10 it has only 3 instead of 5!

Level 13
1 year ago

What SilverGriffin posted, plus for a change of pace:

1) Barbarian is fun

2) Wizard Arcane Fighter is strong, if you like melee

3) Armor feats

I haven't tried multi-class, but was wondering if anyone had experience to share with Zappastuff's mod.