Fantastic job on this game!

Level 8
2 years ago (edited)

It happens I wasn't aware of this game few days ago; but after I finished BG3 EA, I was looking for something else in the genre to try, and found few forum posts talking about Solasta.
The thing is that I'm a Linux-only guy; and Solasta isn't officially linux-supported. I decided to give it a try, and thanks to Steam/Proton GE 6.2, the game runs almost perfectly on my system (I'll do a ProtonDB report soon). Few quirks like the initial loading screen, and few minor sound issues, but I got zero crash (which is much less than BG3 on same platform).

Now about the game itself:

- I love what this small team did, the game is absolutely great.
- visually it doesn't have to blush, even when compared to BG3, actually I was very positively surprised
- fights are as good as BG3 ones, I'd say even more tactical. Very D&D (and that's goood!)
- of course, current early release lacks of contents, and there are plenty of small issues, buggy dialogs, etc... I will not comment on this, because that's early... ;)

What I really like:

- character/team creation
- overall clean/simple interface
- how reactions are implemented
- lights/dungeon ambiance
- scavenger system
- guilds (scavengers, etc...)
- a sane basis to be expanded
- character traits influencing dialog "tone"
- simple dialog choices + ability checks
- dungeon traps & puzzles
- 3D fights
- jump/run/fly/climb/crouch/... whoaaa good:)
- short/long rest system

What I think could be improved:

- story/dialogs, for now a bit too "simple"
- flying to a different level is not "obvious", this compass button isn't easy to understand
- a simple way to select the rest of the team (you have chars 1 & 2 selected, press one key, and 3 & 4 are selected)
- when hiding, I found it difficult to move and launch a surprise attack, I often ended losing the surprise effect (perhaps that's just me though)
- when dropping an item from one inventory to another character, the item shouldn't be automatically equipped (ie. drop a ring on a char without ring, and it is equipped instead of going to inventory, it could be problematic with a cursed item...)
- map is great (I like the style), but I wish to be able to zoom out even more
- travels: what about mounts? buying/renting horses should be possible (making travel faster for a price)
- in/out "zones" in dungeons, that's not obvious what they do, and that you have to place all your characters on them
- it is possible to move out, even if all characters aren't around where there are doors (not teleports), while it makes sense in town, I don't think it should be the case in dungeons
- turn undead is great, but sometimes it becomes annoying because undeads are running far far away for a long time, and finishing a fight can be tedious
- a way to escape a fight should exist: when all characters are out of the view range of all enemies, player should have the option to stop the fight. Of course, escaping very fast enemies or enemies with special sense would be harder.
- opening loot containers shouldn't be possible while in fight

Whatever, thanks for this game, Tactical Adventures!

Level 1
2 years ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

Level 8
1 year ago

So, a year after this post, I replayed the whole campaign again, this time will all fixes and improvements, plus new classes. Damn, this game is so good.

And I hear multiplayer is coming, kudos to TA team!

New campaign DLC soon? Take my money!

Level 4
1 year ago

It is indeed a great game.  And it's probably the best job of being ported from PC to console that I've ever seen on one of these sorts of games.