Extreme performance issues

2 years ago

Hi there,

At some point after the Dark Tower quest was done I've started experiencing Extreme performance issues while playing.

They've only seemed to getting worse as I continued playing - to the point where right now the game is virtually unplayable for me!

The issues consist of extreme lag and frame dropping when moving around with my characters out of combat or when interacting in the inventory window (so almost all the time).

Please note there are no issues during combat; the movement during combat is not choppy or laggy.

I've started the game with the highest graphics settings with no problems at all. When this problem started I've changed to the lowest settings but to no avail.

I don't believe the problem it's on my end since up to a certain point everything was fine.

Also, probably unrelated but after the Dark Tower quest and until the end of the early access content there have been no random encounters at all.