Extinguish dynamic torches via trigger

Level 1
10 months ago

Has anyone found a reliable way to do this? 

I've used volumes before with deactivate a torch but I find the results very mixed. It almost seems that I need to activate the torch first (via a trigger of another kind) then deactivate them. Rather than just click the lite checkbox on the torch placement and allow trigger to work its magic. Seems like an extra step that is not needed. I've also dabbled with disabling the torch. Again with mixed results. Any consistent method people have found?


Level 8
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9 months ago

It's possible that this extra step would be required depending on bugs. It happenned with the exit activator as well. If there is bug please report in this forum or official discord in dedicated rooms for bugs or #dm_bugs.

Now if you need tu use this extra step I would recommande to link them all to an entrance activator. If you need more help you can reach official discord as well and room #dm_tool_chat where you'll be able to send your json easely and chitchat with other creators.
Good luck !

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