Export character and level limitation

Level 4
6 months ago

I was a big fan of Baldur's gate I and II and I loved the possibility we had to export our characters (with equipment and level) and restart the game with them

Sometime I exported an endgame character and replayed the game with him (because why not ? If I want to be overpowered, then it's my fun), sometimes I simply exported a level 2 or 3 character and restarted the game with him (because I made some mistake but loved the character as he was)

Is there any chance you would :

- allow to start the campaign without level limitation

- allow to export a character at any time so we can use it one another/the same campaign

I would love to restart the early access but keeping one of my level 5 character who already went through a first playthrough

Yes it would make things quite easier for me, but where is the problem if I end up enjoying it