Expand the Monster Designer

Level 1
5 months ago

I know it's possible to make your own monsters with the Dungeon Maker, but it's kind of limited. If the current monster designer could be expanded with a few features it would make the fan made content a lot richer. Anyway here's the wish list:

- Creature scaling: The ability to make creatures one size larger or smaller than they already are, including resizing the model

- Texture overlays/replacements: Applying the ghost effect, fire/other elemental textures, blood stains for zombies etc. over the top of a model would allow for greater visual variety

- Texture re-colouring: Re-colour parts of monsters textures, even if it's just some preset palette swaps

- Monster special abilities: The ability to add/swap/remove creatures abilities like Pack Tactics, Regeneration or Spider Climb.

I don't how possible it is with the game or the time/money it would take the team to achieve it, but any effort in that direction would be appreciated by the community I feel.

PS: A side note, I feel a ghost sword with the ghostly texture effect would make a nice new weapon addition for future content. If texture swaps for items could be a thing too.