"Events" regroup the party except temporary companions

Level 13
3 months ago

By "events" I mean when one or several of the characters meet a trigger than starts a dialog or a cutscene. There are two problems with them,

1) Some of them occur even though the player sees the trigger and would expect to click on it rather than the event triggering on its own. Typical examples are when the party must meet with someone. Sometimes the player has to click on the NPC, sometimes it's an automatic event. It lacks consistency, events should only occur when unexpected, probably.

2) When the event is triggered, all party members are seen in the cutscene, even if some of the members were away. It seems unnatural to have them teleported like that. When there are temporary members (like Kythaela) it's even worse, they are seen in the cutscene but after they are put back where they were, thus isolated from the party.