Environments and assets for DM are far inferior to official campaigns

11 months ago

Hi there, I recently started porting a Ravenloft module to Solasta. One of my biggest issues is the limited things I can do with the swamp environment:

It's flat, has no water, no stilt houses, no river, no fog. I can't change day/night cycle, tone or anything else.

All of these are present in the, very, good looking swamp level in lost valley.

The end result is a bright sunny "marsh", with none of the Ravenloft feel. I think I might give up.

Are there plans to allow the DM for better environments?

Level 3
11 months ago

What about a Faeryloft adventure ? ūüėā

No kidding , i am just discovering this game and the dungeon maker .

I am so happy that it's possible to create things and make adventures for my friends and i now that there is the multi !

But yeah i am shure the Dungeon maker will expand ! They already made the hardest part ! Now it's just a matter of patience before they add all kind of environment and more functions.

Still i am already reaaaalllly impressed with current possibilities .

cross fingered that it commes soon ! :)

10 months ago (edited)

This post has been deleted.

James Neal
Level 4
10 months ago

You will never be able to make environments in DM as good as the official content. Even if it was possible to make the editor that good (I don't think it is), Tactical has an incentive to get people to pay for their official content.

Swamp environment should get new Visual Moods though to fix the bright and sunny issue.. seeing as how that's already a thing on other environments.