Endless Loops (Spoilers - kinda)

Scott Mardis
4 months ago

So, playing through the new expansion with my old crew from last expansion. Fought the demons while escorting the princess, do the cut scene and then it goes into endless load screen.  Waited to 10 mins, then restarted - worked fine after having to redo the cleanup from the fight. That was endless loop 1.  After following the dwarf through the gate, combat starts with a Sorak with legendary actions. One of his legendary actions is apparently an endless loop. The Legendary Action notification starts blinking and I loose the game to endless blinking notification. Had to start task manger and force it to end. Will update if it works on restart.

3 months ago (edited)

Great tips! I think I can save the princess in another way. However, I also really appreciate you

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