Endless Dungeon/Roguelike Mode

Level 4
5 months ago (edited)

I cannot stress enough how impressed I am at how this game has turned out, particularly as a tactical combat game. I know that DnD is about roleplaying and I get the requirement to have dialogue and characters all matter however his game is MADE for procedural dungeon crawling. Either a classic roguelike town/dungeon or even multiple location random quests, whatever is feasible. See Beneath the Stolen Lands ala Kingmaker for context. This kind of mode is severely lacking in games like Eternity or Divinity - roguelikes originate from DnD as a concept and this has yet to be seen to fruition. Give me Darkest DnD! Diablo 5E! However you wanna frame it.

Level 7
5 months ago

Here, here!

I know that these things require a main quest, as this is the what is expected, but a lot of what makes D&D fun are the meaningless quests and random discoveries that come from adventuring. This game might do well, or even better, if the player has other things to do aside from saving the world, yet again. 

So far the dungeon design is impressive. I have dreamed of a game where all three dimensions were exploited. This is very nice. So thank you for that. 

Wonky dialogue makes for a more 'real' experience. Real people say things that make you cringe, and so does Solasta. I actually like the way some of the writing comes across as amateurish at times. It makes it feel more like what it would if you were sitting at the table with your friends.

I know this isn't an open world game, but there is that wide open world map you have. all you really need are several more random encounter terrains, and maybe a few ruins and caves to explore on occasion, or maybe an encounter that involves other groups where we can chose a side to help, or if we were so inclined, to slaughter, for fun and profit. I play these things for the loot, and the wonder of discovering new things. I really don't care about the "story" it's just a means to an end for me. If I can play this game for days strait without having to advance the plot, then I'm all for it.

I'm also greedy, so there will be no using the scavengers to collect up my left over loot. They are welcome to make all the money they can hoovering up all those commoners clothes, broken swords, and all the rest of the junk I leave behind as I locate new places to plunder.

But that's just me and I'm sure that the Devs have things well in hand. After all, I already bought into their dream. Lets hope it pans out well for them. And us too!

Level 5
5 months ago

An arena maybe?

Level 7
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5 months ago

Yeah, I played the hell out of the endless dungeon in Kingmaker. I'd love to see something similar for this game.

Level 1
3 months ago

Agreed. A 5e procedural dungeon crawler is what I really want. I enjoy a good story in a video game, so I get focusing on that now. But having a 5e-based game to test out character builds & just have fun battling between tabletop sessions is really my motivation. In fact, I hacked together an app for my iPad to do just that! (It populates a dungeon using monsters from 5e using proper party strength rules, then I use characters from d&d beyond manually). Hopefully Solasta has DLC like that some day!

Level 6
3 months ago

I would buy this in a heart beat.

3 months ago

Either this, or perhaps a mode that generates a random adventure using tables analogous to those in the DMG. Obviously you can't use those exact tables, but 5e is pretty explicit in providing a framework for a "day" of adventuring, so you could define one and have it populate, and then boom! Fresh new dungeon.

The SRD doesn't include that structure, but sort of implies it: a party of 4 1st level characters will need to defeat 6 CR 1 encounters to become level 2. 6 CR 2 encounters takes them to 3rd.

I think there's enough information to build useful random encounter tables, then link them together to form unique adventures!

Level 4
3 months ago

As future DLC this would be great!  I think a lot of us would purchase this as an add on 6-9 months after the game goes live and leaves Early Access.  I actually purchased this feature as DLC for PF:KM and enjoyed it quite a bit more than the base game to be honest.

Level 4
3 months ago