Encumberance, better indicator

6 months ago

At the moment, when characters are carrying so much weight that they get a movement penalty, a weight icon appears on their character tile. I spend a lot of time (far too much!) in the Inventory screen trying to optimize the party's weight distribution (i.e. I want my fighter and rogue to be the least encumbered because they need combat maneuverability more than my mage and cleric). It would therefore be very helpful for the encumbrance icon to be more informative:

1) At least, have the icon differentiate between -2, -4, and overloaded weights (maybe just by color, i.e. yellow, orange, red)

2) Ideally indicate where the character's weight is exactly, e.g. show that he's 40% encumbered, or equivalently show that he's just over the -2 weight and a long way short of the -4 weight. As it is now, when I move weight from one character to another, I have to frequently check both characters' Inventory screens to make sure the receiver isn't about to suffer an additional penalty. And I'll know at a glance which character can afford to loot a chest full of heavy stuff.