Encounters with creature blockage

Level 3
5 months ago

While playing Lost Valley I have run into a problem with the creatures.  If I block the passage, the creatures will remain stationary even after the blockage is removed. Example there were some berserkers and dire wolves during a travel encounter.  I cast a spell to entangle them on the bridge.  The remaining wolves made no effort to move and just stayed in place even after I cleared the enemies on the bridge and canceled the spell.  The did not move till I literally walked up behind them and hit one.  

The second time I blocked a mutant creature in a doorway in the lab.  While engaged with the creature, the others ran off down the hallway.  I defeated the creature and shut the door and started to leave.  I then closed another door and while only one creature tried to pursue, and the others just remained in place.  I attempted to leave the encounter, however no matter how far away the screen kept flashing to the trapped creatures and I remained in combat.  I just reloaded the last save before I left the lab.