Encountered bugs

Level 3
2 years ago
  1. Spiritual weapon doesn't attack immediately when cast. If this intended in the game, then please ignore.
  2. Spiritual weapon's duration is massively extended when active then taking successive rests. I've managed to stumble in a single map so far, and the spell lasted for two combat encounters with a whole lot of exploration in between. I have not tried to replicate it yet.
  3. Creed of Arun feat has the same description as Ambidexterous but different effects.
  4. I picked up a Spider Venom poison item. Description says I can coat weapons for poison damage, but the effect is that of a healing potion. I don't know if this is intended.
Level 1
1 year ago
  1. The Item "Myths of Solasta" which you can give to one faction is not erased from my inventory when cashing in
  2. Some Rituals are still available even if I have unchecked them during a resting procedure (Identify Ritual, Understand Languages)
  3. Level 2 Cleric Spell "Aid" is totally wonky:
    it's also available (and active) after unckecking it as available spell during resting procedure
    the hit points do not go up to the available maximun after casting
    when you get to the max by aplying a healing spell, the get reduced to the Characters unbuffed max HP as soon as a spell effect is applied
  4. When on the travelling map, I'm not always able to change my destination