Empty containers make them dissapear

4 months ago

Hello. Would it be too much to ask that lootable containers of any kind, disappear from the world once looted? Is really tiresome to go back to a previously explored place and not knowing if this or that crate, box, barrel contains some items I missed the last time. Thanks a lot.

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Level 8
4 months ago

If you open the map any containers you have seen will include their status (unopened) and contents (if any) when you hover over them. You can also close the map and instantly be at that location to click and have your party move there

Its one of the better features. I really love it;

Level 3
4 months ago

Have them change color when highlighting with the alt button maybe?

That way can see without hovering which ones you have looted already

4 months ago

Empty containers should not highlight when ALT-ing.

Level 13
4 months ago

I don't think they should be removed, that would greatly hurt immersion. They already appear as empty on the map.