Elevation in dungeon maker

2 years ago (edited)

Hello, Is there a way to make variations in terrain elevation in dungeon maker (like a few stairs up to a platform, a bed of a dried river, a small hill, ...) ?

I did not find it and was not sure if this is something that is possible in current dungeon maker.

1 year ago

I was also disappointed when I realized there didn't seem to be a way to create any elevation changes like in the game.. Gets rid of a lot of cool gameplay and puzzles. Hopefully it is something that will be added soon.

Level 3
1 year ago (edited)

Yes ! Same here. Still there are so mutch good things already put in the dungeon maker that let us create . I really don't know any other games that let us create our own adventure so easily ! I am totaly confident that it will be added in future update :)