Elemental Domain Clerics: all get lightning / thunder spells?

6 months ago (edited)

So Elemental (fire), Elemental (Ice), and Elemental (Lightning) clerics each get Thunderwave and Lightning Bolt? Is this a mistake or is it intentional?

Elemental Domain Spells: In your list and always prepared.

Level 1: Thunderwave, Fog Cloud

Level 3: Levitate, Misty Step

Level 5: Lightning Bolt, Fly

Looking at the SRD spell list, I can see why thunder and lightning might have been chosen. Not too many ice and fire choices in SRD at spell levels 1-3. Still, it seems a bit strange.

Level 7
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6 months ago

That struck me as odd as well. I'd be fine with the devs adding some spells that are appropriate for the various elements rather than just have all elemental priests have access to Thunderwave / Fog Cloud at level 1. 

Level 4
6 months ago

Maybe not a bug, but definitely doesn't make sense so I'll bump this.