Edit Loot Pack: Internal Name ERRORS

Level 2
9 months ago (edited)

Hey, there is something very buggy going on with the EDIT LOOT PACK functions.

I get continual errors with the names I choose for the INTERNAL NAME.

"The internal name for this content clashes with that of another user content or internal Solasta content. Chose another internal name."

I have tried at least a dozen different names and they all come back with this error. Even the Default name casts an error.

Also, frequently, the Loot Pack is empty when I come back to it and I have to start over. Very frustrating.


--My specs: Windows 10 Pro, 21H2 b19044.2251, PC, i79900K, GTX 1070 Ti, 64GB Ram, Nvme 2GB, Game Pass Windows version.